2006-11-19 : Mechaton campaign: a note from the front

This evening, a detachment of officers of the people took the hated Rasili's puppet Prime Minister into custody. He is being held in a secure location. He will be tried for his collaboration and his crimes and executed.

We declare today a day of outrage and vengeance in the names of the dedicated men in uniform and the innocent citizens callously murdered today. Add their deaths to the charges against this corrupt Prime Minister, his Rasili overseers, and the so-called "Paktalists." Such horrific disregard for human life as they have displayed today, we cannot let go unpunished.

Full report to follow. Beware spin from other information sources. They're like constant liars.

1. On 2006-11-19, Matt Wilson said:

All I'm saying is in a few more months (like maybe in four months) I'm gonna be looking for jobs in game commute range.


2. On 2006-11-19, NinJ said:

It is our hope that you will join the Paktali cause. Last night's victory was the cresting of a wave that will crash into Tarkut like the whirlwind of God!


3. On 2006-11-19, Vincent said:

Here's my full report.


4. On 2006-11-20, Dave said:

Cool report!

As a recent purchaser of the game, and someone who's planning to get some game on sometime this week, I have a question: I notice that all 3 forces in the report used only fully-kitted-out mechs, with all 4 attachments. How competitive, really, is a force consisting mostly of lightly-armed mechs? Does the initiative boost balance out the reduced effectiveness and hit points?

I ask mostly because I've made up a whole bunch of cool-lookin' small robots averaging 3 attachments each, and I want to use 'em, heh.


5. On 2006-11-20, Vincent said:

My army was 3.5 attachments per mech. I don't believe I'd go below 3 per mech, unless I was pretty sure it'd give me a really sweet point advantage.

Say that I have reason to believe that you're going to field 3 4-attachment mechs. If I field 5 mechs but with only 11 attachments among them, I have a 2-mech advantage but we'd each have 5 points per. I'd start the game winning 35 to 25, with 4 more white dice on my side and only 1 fewer colored die than you. (The downside being that my mechs would be correspondingly easier to kill. Strike that - instead, correspondingly easier to make ineffective.)

Personally, I find it psychologically difficult to build mechs without stacking them with stuff. I expect to lose dramatically to someone who can do it, though, one of these days, if they can play it right.


6. On 2006-11-20, NinJ said:

Yeah, I'm with V. Honestly, build what you want, I think; I'm pretty sure the balancing mechanism works well enough that your designs will only be a handicap if they don't match your strategy.

I'd like to read some AP and see some pics!

If you need another die for some of your guys, it should be pretty easy to figure out what they need without busing their aethetic.


7. On 2006-11-21, Emily said:

I intentionally fielded a force that was not optimized, to simulate the planetsiders getting a drop on the offworlders. And to give some dramatic pause when the crazy 5th gen mechs stride onto the field next time around. (heh, heh, heh) However, most of the suboptimizing was in what I gave them not how much (one mech had no armaments, one had all short range attack, none had much get up and go).

Just wait until next time....


8. On 2006-11-21, NinJ said:

This is no place for sober analysis! I expect breathless, self-aggrandizing hyperbole when I come here, not some sort of thoughtful strategic decisionmaking!


9. On 2006-11-22, Emily said:

[self-aggrandizing hyperbole]

Breaking news has come over the ftl-wire, the duly elected Prime Minister of the Tarkut state has been brutally kidnapped and assasinated.  11 citizens of the Grand Rasili empire were hideously butchered during this fiasco.

Here the infernal Mukun terrorists begin their ambush of the PM's limo.

Aieee! The Mukun ptiman crushes innocent Rasili citizens in going about their business in the city hall. Cry for the fallen.

The heartless Mukun and so-called Provisional Government forces square off over the heads of their own people!

In the tangled swamps of the waste outside the city, a heroic Rasili third generation Ptiman, the green and brown Ranger Delta, successfully holds off one of the black and grey Mukun butchers from taking their communications post. Reduced to only it's 4 flamethrowers for weapons, it soldiered on, setting the swamps ablaze around them.

The final pile-up around the Prime Minister's limo, shortly before the pretender government forces make good with their assasination attempt.

This means war!
[/s-a h]


10. On 2006-11-22, NinJ said:

"Innocently going about their business!"


They casually conspire to subjugate our people! It is an act of mercy that any survived at all. You can expect much more brutal evisceration of your decadent war machine when next we meet!


11. On 2006-11-22, Emily said:

We bring you now a spot-light on the fallen—insight into the lives of those brutally murdered at the Massacre of Livathen Fields.

And a dramatic presentation of the last moments of Srialia Lieye:


12. On 2006-11-22, Seth Ben-Ezra said:

Those poor people!


13. On 2006-11-22, NinJ said:

Good Lord, you think I wasted ammo on those guys? That was all step-on-ing!


14. On 2006-11-27, Jabonko said:

Won't someone think of the children?  THE CHILDREEEENNN!  also, excellent battle reports!  carry on.


15. On 2007-08-18, dmq said:

im wondering: is it possible that the rules could be changed so that people can fight, if they can be represented in scale to mechs... have a dude with a 1x1 with a stud on the side as the body, with a 1x2 flat for a weapon?


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