2006-11-13 : Unbelievably cool Lego mecha

Retro style Mecha Series, On The Planet.

Check out the enormous black one. It has firefigher helmets for eyes!

Via, via Brass Goggles.

1. On 2006-11-13, Jason L Blair said:

The soccerbot wins all ties.


2. On 2006-11-13, JamesNostack said:

I really like the horse.  They're all great though.  His staging is very good too.


3. On 2006-11-14, Meguey said:

I like the Radio Man a bunch.


4. On 2006-11-14, NinJ said:

Hey, I just learned about Brass Goggles today!


5. On 2006-11-14, Vincent said:

Hey! Here's a cool mech on Brickshelf in Mechaton scale, totally unlike any I've seen. Here, here and here.


6. On 2006-11-14, Larry Lade said:

Those are amazing.

A nice touch on the big black one is where he's standing by a throng of minifigs with beards and top hats, like he's a steampunk "Big O."


7. On 2006-11-14, NinJ said:

8. On 2006-11-14, John Harper said:


Check out these cool little tachikoma-style mechs. I think they're Mechaton scale, too.


9. On 2006-11-14, Vincent said:



10. On 2006-11-14, Vincent said:

Here's some trucks, not mechs, but in the right scale. For my own future reference.

I can't wait for our battle! I want to post pictures of the PM's armored limo.


11. On 2006-11-14, Vincent said:

A tank.


12. On 2006-11-14, NinJ said:


I want to be building Lego stuff, and instead, what do I have to do?




13. On 2006-11-15, JamesNostack said:

I wonder if would be possible to play a Mechaton World War, where three or four groups fought campaigns, updating each other on progress in that "theater."


14. On 2006-11-15, Vincent said:

I made a hilarious construction mech last night. It's modeled off this one. But hilarious. It uses arm hands!


15. On 2006-11-15, NinJ said:

You used flashlight guns instead of T-tubes! Good for you!

I look forward to this getting destroyed as it's used for cover!


16. On 2006-11-15, Vincent said:

Yeah, I'm out of T-tubes, I used 'em all up on Em's mechs.

I've bricklinked more, though. They should come any day.


17. On 2006-11-15, NinJ said:

One of my ptimanya uses those, too. Not because I'm out (though the scavenging has begun) but because I felt like I was relying on them so heavily.


18. On 2006-11-15, Vincent said:

I like the heavier look of the flashlight gun for this one, in fact. If I'd used T-tubes, I would've stuck something in there on them anyway.

Come to think of it, I'm going to try some flashlight guns for the shoulders of a 5th generation ptiman like Emily's. That'll let me plug something into the back of the upper arm, which might be way cool. Wings or something.

I have a pretty neat 4th generation walker ptiman (the unmanned ones) that uses spigots instead of T-tubes. Maybe I'll take pictures of it later.


19. On 2006-11-15, Vincent said:

They're doing work on the hospital's main entry here, brickwork I suppose. They've got scaffolding and stuff all up over the sidewalk and across the front of the building. It's easy to imagine one of these things standing out there in the traffic circle, handing beams and loads of brick and stuff up to the workers. Fun!


20. On 2006-11-15, JamesNostack said:

what would be the proper medium for a community Mechaton LeoCAD gallery?  Because I think it would be cool to have open-source designs, not only for mechs but for other buggers built to that scale.

As an aside, I'm way too intrigued by the "X Pod Play-Off," which appears to be sort of like checkers using "Lego Pods."  The game is built to work with a specific library of sets, but I wonder how it could be adapted to any collection of, say, 50 pieces....


21. On 2006-11-16, Uriel said:

Super cool mecha

Also cool

Not a mecha but still wicked

Check out the rest of this guys stuff, they are amazing.

A community LeoCAD space would be cool, because nothing is more irritating to me than trying to figure out what that little thing in the middle of a mecha might be.


22. On 2006-11-16, Matt Wilson said:

man, my lego collection, wherever it is, is pretty much frozen at 1983. I keep seeing weird parts and wondering WTF is that?


23. On 2006-11-16, NinJ said:

Yeah. Great leaps have been made in hinges, particularly.


24. On 2006-11-16, Vincent said:

Let's see...

James: Linked.

Uriel: Linked, linked, and linked.


25. On 2006-11-16, NinJ said:

As a public service announcement:

You can use regular html here. hrefs and imgs included.


26. On 2006-11-16, Valamir said:

I'm with you Matt.

The last lego set I obtained was the bright yellow square tower castle set with red drawbridge.  Back in pre minifig days and when horses were assembled out of bricks.  The ears were a 2 dot thin brick wedged edgewise between dots on a 4 dot block...that was the height of Xtreme Lego Engineering back in the day.


27. On 2006-11-16, Meguey said:

(In my enthusiasim, I forgot who I was. Sorry, Vincent.)


28. On 2006-11-16, Meguey said:

Man, that Lego castle was the BEST!

My mom got us a set, and, unknown to her, my step-dad did too. So we each got one! My sister still has some of the horses - once Legos became a horse, she was fierce about keeping the horse.

I'd love to have directions for building the old-school horses - these kids today, with their molded horses...


29. On 2006-11-16, Vincent said:

30. On 2006-11-17, NinJ said:

I had a tournament set with those horses. I think I made lots of animals, but they were kind of disappointing. You can only barely make animal-like things with the pieces that exist now. It's really not the strength of the medium.


31. On 2006-11-17, Meguey said:

Wowcool! I remember the shields and tabards were stickers you had to put on the bricks, and there were flags, too, square ones that Serena used as barding on the horse instead of putting it one the flags (which we could do becasue we had TWO SETS!)


32. On 2006-11-17, ffilz said:

You young whipper snappers that had sets like that castle when you were a kid. We had blocks, base plates, windows and doors (the old "classic" style with the 1x2x3 door), wheels, and roof bricks (but no corners or even peaks). Oh, and almost all of the bricks were red and white, with a few blue, black, and yellow. And almost no plates (1x6, 1x8, and 6x8 or so).

The so very cool, and yet so very dissapointing set was the train. We had one of the first trains. It didn't look like a train, and we just had an oval of track, no switches though we might have had the crossing.

So I had to make up for lost time, here's my LEGO room now. There's also LEGO all over the house (though it's mostly out of the master bedroom under the new girlfriend's orders, and soon to be out of many other rooms in the house).



33. On 2006-11-17, James_Nostack said:

Legos *can* do animals, but the scale is pretty big. (note: none of these pieces are much use for Mechaton purposes, though they've got a nice collection of hinges and some nifty big sloping bricks)


34. On 2006-11-17, Vincent said:

James: linked.

Frank: holy crap dude!


35. On 2006-11-17, NinJ said:

James, I've actually got the first Designer kit that features animals, I think. I got it because I was totally blown away by the spider.

Being a modular element, the more you use, the higher the resolution, yeah.


36. On 2006-11-17, Meguey said:

James: Yeah, that's a cool set. I wish I had pictures of the Lego elephant I made out of bricks 9 years ago.

Frank: *sigh* Oh for a workroom like that for my fabric.


37. On 2006-11-20, NinJ said:

38. On 2006-11-20, ffilz said:

So I got a bit carried away collecting LEGO... One of the few advantages of being single and having a well paying job. Fortunately my LEGO spending will be cut back dramatically since a woman moved into my life. The good news is she's totally down with me having a LEGO room.

And now that I got a copy of Mechaton (thanks Vincent!), I really do have to get into the game, though I always have a bit of trouble really wrapping myself around mecha. Here is my one attempt to build something mecha-like. Not in scale for Mechaton though - unless you up the scale and play on the living room flor... Hmm...



39. On 2006-11-21, Dave said:

And here are some more! Everything TM and Copyright the Department of Ripping Off Other People's Designs and Building Them With What Little Lego Dave Has. Hopefully they'll get to see battle this week, though it may have to wait till after Thanksgiving.


40. On 2006-11-21, Vincent said:

Dave, Smart is especially cool. I dig those feet.


41. On 2006-11-21, Dave said:

The Semi-autonomous Mobile Artillery and Recon Tetrapod! That is, to give credit where it's due, a complete rip-off of a Soren MoC, especially the very sexy feet.

Which reminds me, he has some other stuff that would be very good for Mechaton supporting units.


42. On 2006-11-21, NinJ said:

I reflect on those Chibi Troopers models often. They're the wrong scale for the game we're playing now, but they're really excellent. I have some other tanks at an inappropriate scale, myself. These were from before Vincent started Mechaton doing all the things I wanted to do with Hot Roroga better than I was doing them. I've done a bazillion guys since this and will have to put some of them up there sometime.


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