2006-12-04 : Ptimanya designs

So, it turns out I spent the weekend mostly around the house with some kids with colds. Especially poor Tovey Lynn! Snot in such volume, poor little guy.

Anyway I got some CAD-tracing, photo-taking, and parts-listing time in after all:
Ptimanya designs
5gen Ptimanya

1. On 2006-12-04, Tom said:

From the parts list:

>  Technic, Pin Long WITH Friction Ridges Lengthwise and
> Stop Bush

I can barely type a coherent sentence now because my innuendo circuits are going haywire.

They sell these things to children?


2. On 2006-12-04, Rich Stokes said:

Them things are HAWT!

Fortunately I've just finished work, so I'm off home to play with my Lego.


3. On 2006-12-04, Uriel said:

I love the hip solution. They swivel! Neat.

I ordered parts for roughly $80 last week, but the vendor didn't have many 1x1 bricks with 4 studs. So I can only build a few of these which sucks. I forgot to order 3x1 plates too so I'm stuck building different kind of walkers or variations of these


4. On 2006-12-04, Vincent said:

5. On 2006-12-04, Vincent said:

I just windowshopped a naked 5gen at Brick Artist Depot, a Bricklink store. I was able to find all the parts at that one store, which is pretty unusual - although I had to substitute (painlessly) a Brick, Modified 1 x 1 with Studs on 2 Sides for the Brick, Modified 1 x 1 with Studs on 4 Sides plus the Tile 1 x 1 with Groove.

It came to $2.98. With attachments I'd expect it to be $4.00 or so.


6. On 2006-12-04, NinJ said:

That is a man with a sallary!


7. On 2006-12-04, Vincent said:

Yeah. I've been buying mechs off Bricklink as a consolation prize for having to work, lately. I'm cutting back though - notice how I just windowshopped this one, I didn't actually buy it? See how virtuous I'm being? I can, y'know, I can stop any time, see?

<drumming fingers, checking watch, drumming fingers...>


8. On 2006-12-04, NinJ said:

I, in stark contrast, am working my ass off right now because I want Legos so bad.

I really want to build a mecha for the Kawwiyah and Inheritor of the Celestial Throne.


9. On 2006-12-08, Rich Stokes said:


Any chance we can have a similar breakdown for the AIn-11s?  I mean, these are all sexy as hell, but more designs = more coolness.  Plus, I have a whole bunch of "Hinge, Plate 1 x 4 Swivel" elements I want to use ;)


10. On 2006-12-08, Vincent said:

Any chance? Yes! I have J's mechs at my house. All that's between us and their diagrams is me getting some more CAD-tracing and parts-listing time.


11. On 2006-12-08, Rich Stokes said:

Ah, any gamer's worst enemy: Lack of free time!


12. On 2006-12-08, NinJ said:

Here's a hint, though: start with the Space Marine torso, then use hinge plates for all four limbs.

The heads are, from front to back:

a transparent dot of appropriate color. There's an amazing amount of personality in that color choice. I guess because it's the eye/face.

Then a 1x1 tile, modified with a clip. Lighter colors show through the dot better.

The clip it to a revolver handle. The gun should be upside-down, handle pointing up and forward.

That's the head! It clips into a 1x1 plate with a vertical clip. Because of the length of the head (I like long heads) it's the last thing before the backpack. Otherwise, it hunches forward and looks.... nerdy?


13. On 2006-12-09, Vincent said:

I have TOTALLY just added J's design to the ptimanya design page. Go check it out.


14. On 2006-12-11, Rich Stokes said:

I built a couple of 5Gens and a couple of AIn-11s at the weekend.  Unfortunately Claire's away on business this week and she's taken her camera.  The AIn-11 looks particularly sweet with a pair of Brickarms AKs.


15. On 2006-12-11, Vincent said:

Here's a link to, where you can get realistic guns in a Lego-compatible format.


16. On 2006-12-11, Uriel said:

I just got the first of my three big lego shipments and I built my first 5thgen ptimanya. Wicked! I love it. I used different, more traditional, feet and a slightly different head. I'll update my brickshelf gallery soon with these designs. I think I'll be able to build around 10 of these, mostly in black and grey.

And I built one of Joshuas AIn-11s. And I'm sorry to say that though they look cool they are far too fragile for my taste. My clumsy fingers makes the limbs pop off everytime I try to change its posture.


17. On 2006-12-11, NinJ said:

Yeah, my mecha tend on the fragile side. I like them of slight build and, at the scale we're using, that often means that parts are connected by a single stud.

The advantage, though, is that you get all sorts of fun, dynamic poses. It's what I like the most about them and it's hard to stop. the 5th Gen Ptimanya don't even have proper elbows and knees and I can't make myself do that.


18. On 2006-12-12, Uriel said:

Yeah, they are very emotive. I build one with a magnifying glass to keep an eye on my gf. She thought it was hilarious.

anyway, I've updated my brickshelf gallery with some new mechas, most of them are only prototypes since I haven't gotten all my bricks yet.


19. On 2006-12-12, NinJ said:

"This folder is not yet public."


20. On 2006-12-13, NinJ said:


21. On 2006-12-13, Dave said:

Ooh, cute!

Legs, armor, and you can expose some studs on the sides and put some guns on. I like 'em!

I'd love to see some pics from the underside, though.


22. On 2006-12-13, NinJ said:

I made some spacecraft last night! I'll post them over at Monkey Do, Monkey See when I've got a few minutes to set up pics.


23. On 2007-08-08, hot pockeet said:

the ptimanya is awsome! heh,reminds me of amored core's mechs mixed with gundam.......................................instructions?


24. On 2007-08-13, dmq said:

that ptimanya pic somehow reminds me of elvis, with the hips.
cool, tho.
and them turtly things that ninj wrote are cool 2
me mechs, however, are little ones with 2 legs. they're cool 2. i dont have pics, tho.
ill try to get some


25. On 2007-08-13, dmq said:

correction: get some PICs just to be sure. no misunderstandings, right?


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