2006-12-08 : Quick media notes

I'm enjoying Heroes way more than its writers deserve. I'd enjoy it even more if I didn't bust out laughing, like, three times an episode, at how bad the sentences are.

I think it was the most recent episode of Battlestar Galactica, but I might be an episode behind - the one in the boxing ring? My favorite episode ever. Possibly my favorite episode of TV ever, but there's a waiting period for that.

Flushed Away made me laugh and laugh.

1. On 2006-12-08, Sven said:

It was the last episode, wvwn though I guess a new one will be broadcasted in US in a few hours.

It was a really neat episode, we really enjoyed it here in Turkey too. I'm sure you could make a game out of it. Having the outcome of the fight determing what actually happened in the past you see through flashback scenes.

Or you could make a Norwegian larp, where you just punch eachother bloody.

/Sven (


2. On 2006-12-08, NinJ said:

That BSG episode was last week's. Carrie and I agreed that it was the best soap opera episode ever, but other are better for the politics action, and other stuff.


3. On 2006-12-08, Matt S said:

It was good stuff. Canada and I moaned and groaned about "the episode" having been disappointed since the AWESOME planet escape. But when it was over we made fun of ourselves for being silly. "The episode" was good. We were moaning 'cause we were MAD at characters. This is a good thing.


4. On 2006-12-08, Matt Wilson said:

I'm beside myself with happiness (and that me says hi, btw) about how good this season of BSG has been.

So much other TV this season has let me down: Heroes, Veronica Mars, Lost. Even Studio 60 is flopping around trying to figure out what it is. There's some good moments, but overall not what I want from it.

30 Rock turns out to be funny. Like I'm glad I watched it funny. Same with Scrubs.


5. On 2006-12-09, xenopulse said:

I agree with Mr. Wilson. VM, especially, has not been living up to the previous seasons. Lost went up and down, but this long break thing is bullshit.

Though I am really enjoying Day Break more than I expected.

- Christian


6. On 2006-12-09, Vincent said:

I didn't manage to watch all of season 2 of Veronica Mars, even. I watched like 8 episodes of it, I think. I'm kind of pretending that season 1 was all there was. Season 2 was like, "...and then they all got on with their lives," and I'm content to leave them there.

I've been watching Lost with my eyes narrowed suspiciously all along. I still am. This season hasn't made me any more suspicious or disappointed than the first two.

I'm so mad at Kara Thrace that it feels like awe.


7. On 2006-12-09, Andrew said:

I'm a fan of Heroes (not a rabid fan... but a fan).  However, I am getting to the point where I wish they'd all just get together and kick someone's ass.


8. On 2006-12-09, Guy Shalev said:

Yo Vincent, reply to your emails! :P


9. On 2006-12-09, Larry Lade said:

I finally caught Heroes this week. It was not the show its marketing, which had initially led me to write the show off, would have let me to believe it was. Nor is it the show all the gushing word-of-mouth had led me to anticipate. It is entirely its own sort of thing, which I guess is pretty cool.

Oddly, the closest TV I can compare it to is The X-Files, which is a weird comparison considering the structure is completely unlike that.

Admiral Adama getting in the ring to make an object lesson, then follow up with the moving speech to his crew was so fucking true to character it was just awesome.

I do worry a lot that without Billy and the cancer, the character of Laura Roslin has lost a lot of substance. I was really happiest in the beginning, when it was like West Wing... In Space!

Please make the string "cylon" an optional alternative to "human" in the spamblocker. Bigot.


10. On 2006-12-10, Troy_Costisick said:

Yes, Heroes is a very good show.  Good enough to overcome the so-so writing.




11. On 2006-12-11, Nathan said:

hey Vincent, I'd just like to say that I really enjoyed the episode too.  I think it was one of their best.  I might of even teared up a bit.  it seemed to really resonate with what i guess are my thoughts and feelings on didn't seem corny, or false in the least.  that show's just been getting better season after season.
-Nate from Story-Games

um...were can i find Afraid?  and my old LEGOs?

LOST had me totally not caring right about at the end of season one.  he's gonna twist himself right out of a decent story, just like he did on later seasons of Alias.


12. On 2006-12-11, Rich Stokes said:

I've found Lost to be incredibly annoying and gave up after the first series.  It became apparent to me that:

The point of the show was the characters trying to figure out what was going on.

The show was popular enough to get a second, third and so on series.

Therefore if they ever actually tell you what's going on, the show ends and they don't get to do another series.

Therefore nothing ever really happens.

So I gave up towards the end of series one.  When it became apparent that they'd stopped telling a story, and started making a TV show.

For my sins I actually watched a lot of the first series of Desperate Housewives and quite enjoyed that up until the point where it became apparent that there was not going to be any kind of proper resolution to the plots that were going on.  Again, it stopped being a story and started being TV.

And then there's BSG, which is pretty cool but so bloody depressing!  As I sat down to watch the last episode of series two I said to myself that unless that episode was either (a) at least partly positive, or (b) really damn interesting and clever I was going to give up on it.  Then there was the "One Year Later" thing and I was sold on watching the third series.  Series three was interesting, but it looks like it might have fallen back into the "Who's going to die this week?" format and frankly, if that keeps up I'm going to stop watching it.

I'm liking Heroes though.  But the end of the series is going to make or break it.  At the moment the plot is unfolding at just the right pace for me and the main thing is that it IS unfolding.

Anyway, I'll shut up now.


13. On 2006-12-11, Vincent said:

Larry: "cylon" now works. So does "toaster".


14. On 2006-12-11, ScottM said:

From the ads I thought the boxing thing was going to be weak, but the flashbacks made it work.  I thought the Adama speech was pretty good—and Kara's decision to push on after it was officially shut down was so her.  Yes, I so wanted to do something when she walked back hand in hand... but it really worked at catching me, making me wonder why that was her response.

I look forward to Heroes each week, though I haven't really figured out why it has me caught.


15. On 2006-12-11, Meguey said:

Heros has me caught because Hiro has my super-power, and it makes me grin almost as much as it makes him grin.

I'm still enjoying LOST, but they killed off my second-favorite character before the mid-season break (which=stupid!) and if they kill Hurley, I'm through.


16. On 2006-12-11, Vincent said:

Here's my impression of behind-the-scenes at Battlestar Galactica:

Director: Okay, for this scene. Jamie Bamber, I want you to look really grim. Katee Sackoff, I want you to look really, really grim. Mary McDonnell, I want you to look really grim. And Edward James Olmos, I want you to look really, really, really grim.

Edward James Olmos: Like this?

Director: Can you give me 10% more grim?

Edward James Olmos: Like this.

Director: Perfect.



17. On 2006-12-11, Ben Lehman said:

You've perfected the cylon detector!



18. On 2006-12-11, Vincent said:

"Are you a cylon?"

"Yes. I mean no!"


19. On 2006-12-11, Dave Younce said:

Wait, but it doesn't tell us who's what!


20. On 2006-12-11, timfire said:

Meguey said:

I'm still enjoying LOST, but they killed off my second-favorite character before the mid-season break (which=stupid!) and if they kill Hurley, I'm through.

You mean Ecko? Shit, that was SUCH a friggin' de-protagonizing death. I was really disappointed with that episode. It wasn't just that his death was meaningless, but that it destroyed who they built the character to be.

Like others have said, I like Lost but it's frustrating because it's so up and down. I will say, I would rather them just take a break for 13 weeks or however long it's going to be, than have a re-run every other week like they did last year.


21. On 2006-12-11, John Harper said:

Tim. Don't do that. BAD! Bad puppy!

The Heroes writers are just plain terrible. But yeah, I really like the show, too. I thought I was a writing whore and everything, but... well, I guess I'm an even bigger supers whore. And Nicki is a fantastic idea for a character.

I think VM still has something to offer. Season One is perfect television, so, by comparison, I can see how the rest is a let-down. This current season has had two really great episodes, at least.


22. On 2006-12-11, Blankshield said:

Grar!  I really need to shake more episodes of BSG out of my DVD faerie... I'm stuck at the end of 3.4, which is not a *bad* place to leave it hanging, but MAN.  I need more.

And the image of Tigh trailing his broken heart through a cheering crowd is burnt into my retinae. (retinas?)



23. On 2006-12-12, Larry Lade said:

Vincent, you rock! (Assuming this post is accepted.)

James, if it involves Tigh it's just "retina." (Oooh!)


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