2006-12-15 : 3 more kids' songs

So, that's enough of my sadness being at the top of the page.

Over the last few months I've written three more kids' songs! Such as they are. The one about how there might be a goat, Meg and I wrote together, so blame her partly too.

8 kids' songs, scroll down for the new ones.

1. On 2006-12-15, ScottM said:

Thanks for sharing a dose of the silly with us.


2. On 2006-12-16, Matt Wilson said:

The world is a better place because of those songs.

So I was writing a response here, and I mentioned that I sand the fun jar song to Meredith, and "fun jar" sadly made me think of Jar Jar, but then that reminded me that my mom's dog kinda looks like Jar Jar and I thought I should share.

But back to those songs, they earned respectable laughs. Respectable laughs of respect. Maybe not awe, but deference at least. Except I don't know some of the original tunes. Have you made any recordings that I can sing along with?


3. On 2006-12-16, Judd said:

Finally having a song I can sing to Ode to Joy makes me very happy.  The chimes in the bell tower attached to the library where I work often plays Ode and it will be nice to have something to belt out.



4. On 2006-12-17, Emily said:

The "ode to joy" one is the one that's stuck in my head, too. I love the idea of belting it out, and can't help but hear a beautiful operatic tenor singing:

"O bananas
Lovely bananas
Yellow bananas I love to eat"

These would make a great kids' musical.


5. On 2006-12-18, Nathan said:

Good stuff Vincent and Meg!


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