2007-02-08 : Holy crap a lotta Earths

Via Kenneth Hite's LiveJournal, PLANETOCOPIA by Chris Wayan.


1. On 2007-02-08, Caesar_X said:

This is really nice stuff, thanks!  I love the "making of" page here:

It's like a Cranian World Burner gone horribly mad!!


2. On 2007-02-08, Vincent said:

3. On 2007-02-08, Sempiternity said:

Ah! I've read through these a few months ago. They're pretty cool world-building experiments, although a bit too shifted toward the furry crowd, if you ask me... ;)


4. On 2007-02-08, Brand Robins said:

This is so awesome it makes me want to head-butt you.


5. On 2007-02-08, NinJ said:

Well, we can't all be Wayne Barlowe or Dougal Dixon. I really like these despite the furry thing.


6. On 2007-02-08, Larry Lade said:

Forget about "Green Mars"! I'm totally impressed by Green Australia.

NinJ: Hah! Yeah, I thought the furry thing is, um,  unfortunate.


7. On 2007-02-09, xenopulse said:

It's a bit sad to look at Dubia and see Hamburg and all those other great old cities gone.


8. On 2007-02-09, ScottM said:

This sucked up a lot of day... they're awesome, thanks for sharing.


9. On 2007-02-09, Troy_Costisick said:

So like, what can we do with this now?


10. On 2007-02-09, Ben Lehman said:


Enjoy it.  It's beautiful.

This is perhaps the first and only time I've ever been *excited* about global warming.



11. On 2007-02-09, NinJ said:

I take back what I said about being disappointed about the furry thing. They're not furries because he's lazy and it's a popular internet meme; they're furries because that's what he wants. I think that's awesome.


12. On 2007-02-10, Larry Lade said:


Oh! Leave me standing around with a "he's including furries because it's a popular internet meme" stick in my hand! Bastard. *sigh*

I specifically had this guy in mind as a basis for comparison.


13. On 2007-02-10, NinJ said:

Hey! I forgot about that guy! I always wished that he'd gone all the way out and had some stories and artifacts assembled to go with the evolution. I wished he'd speculate a bit on the culture and stuff. Also, it's awfully humanoid.


14. On 2007-02-10, Sempiternity said:

To be fair, the complex life stage of planet building is always the most open for interpretation...

Oh, and is it just me, or do some of these worlds - like Serrana, especially - seem perfectly suited to hosting a longer term game of "Sign in, Stranger"?


15. On 2007-02-11, Brand Robins said:


I'm totally using that Mars in the Mars 2534 PTA game I'm trying to get my suck ass group to start.


16. On 2007-02-12, NinJ said:

Brand, is it possible that a suck ass group isn't the group for you?


17. On 2007-02-14, Brand Robins said:

Naw, my suck ass group is the best group humanly possible. Its just that I despise humanity, and being human, my group thus suffers from my spite.


18. On 2007-02-14, Vincent said:

You and my brother, man.

He'll come into the room shaking his head. "So many houses, so few poxes," he'll say.


19. On 2007-02-16, Rev. Raven Daegmorgan said:

Whoo. I was totally looking for exactly this and I didn't know I was until you posted it. Many thanks!


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