2007-04-30 : Mechaton in Sweden

Hundratals besokte fantasins paradis

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Hi Uriel! How'd it go?

1. On 2007-05-02, Uriel said:

Hiya Vincent!

Since Mechaton made front page it would be hard to claim that Mechaton was not a success. It certainly got a lot of cover for such a small game. Lets start with some hard data.

47 different people played. About 60% of those played more than one game. None had heard about the game before.

Most games were the short version, taking roughly 1 hour. People playing a second time often played what I call the medium version which took 1-2 hours to play.

Two long games were played. Each lasted 3 hours. The first was played by four players and the second by six people divided into three groups, so it was really a three player game. Three persons played in both games.

Most tables at one time: 4

Youngest person to play was 8 and oldest was 35 something.

Only 1 woman played.

Total event time: 25 hours. 3 hours Friday, 12 hours Saturday, 11 hours Sunday.

Games I played: 2 (medium version).
Games I won easily: 2 (but it was against people who had never played before so no glory for me)

I sold 7 copies of Mechaton. Might have sold more if I had held Mechaton on Monday when the paper came out but I was kind of tired then and I wanted to check out at least a little of the rest of LinCon.

Coolest things that happened:
1. Mechaton got newspaper coverage. Yay! Too bad that the actual interview was cut.
2. The winning team at the second long game fielded a mecha with only 2 white dice that survived the whole game. That???s guts. Their army setup was pure genius.

I shared a large room at the far edge of the convention with a bunch of other small games; Heroclix, Dreamblade and G?? P?? (historical miniature). I never had the time to try them out. At times I was swamped, especially on Saturday when families came to the convention

I learned a lot of stuff by watching other people play, but I???ll post those thoughts later (if you are interested that is). Next time I hold a Mechaton event it???ll be twice as awesome (or at least 1.5 times). I???ve been invited to N??rCon this summer to hold Mechaton and I???ll go if I can.

All in all Mechaton went from being virtually unknown to being a household name. Well, almost anyway. But I think the amount of people playing Mechaton in Sweden went up by a considerable amount.

Let me know if you want translations from Swedish to English.

Oh yeah, various cool pictures and comments can be seen at my flickr account.



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