2007-05-09 : And about time too

From John Crowley's LiveJournal:

Yesterday was the Official Publication Date of Endless Things.  There's to be a launch party of sorts, with much other fun, in Florence MA on Thursday May 17 ...  Readings by me, Elizabeth Hand, and Paul Park, all from new works just appearing, and music, and other random squibs, and free drink and food.  7PM.

Endless Things is the fourth Aegypt book.

Posting this here means that I'm far more likely to a) find out the venue more specifically than Florence MA, and b) go, than otherwise.

1. On 2007-05-14, EarthSea said:


Celebrate spring with Small Beer Press???s Speculatively Spectacular
evening of art, readings, music, and perhaps a little more. Beginning
at 7 p.m. on May 17,  the event will be held at Artifacts, a new
gallery at 28 North Maple Street in Florence, MA.
Artifacts is housed
in a converted warehouse, where guests will be able to meet the
authors, listen, dance if they are so inclined, and mingle as three
bestselling authors showcase their latest offerings.
John Crowley (Endless Things), Elizabeth Hand (Generation Loss), and
Paul Park (The White Tyger) will headline the event. Crowley, who
lives in Conway and teaches at Yale, and Hand, who lives on the Maine
coast, will be reading from their recently published novels (see next
page for reviews). Park, who teaches at Williams College in
Williamstown, Massachusetts, will read from his latest novel, The
White Tyger.

The evening will be topped off by Flora Reed and Philip Price (of the
critically-acclaimed Winterpills), who will provide musical

Guests will be expected to peruse the art, be polite to the authors,
provide good conversation, and, on leaving, remember where they
parked their jetpacks.

Founded by Gavin J. Grant and Kelly Link and located in Northampton,
MA, Small Beer Press is devoted to publishing the best in independent
fabulist and speculative fiction.


2. On 2007-05-14, Gavin said:

At last indeedy! Event info is here:

Thursday, May 17, 7 PM
28 North Maple Street
Florence, MA 01062

More readings (not many by Crowley yet) on our calendar.


3. On 2007-05-15, Emily said:

Wow! Let's go! But wait—what about gaming?


4. On 2007-05-16, Adam said:

I suppose it really *shouldn't* surprise me that you're a Crowley fan.

But it did.



5. On 2007-05-17, Vincent said:

I'm not going to be able to go! Alas.


6. On 2007-05-18, Kip M. said:

Ack! I breezed past this. Had no idea what the title meant for some reason. Distractions. And, um, I'm in Oregon. But otherwise!


7. On 2007-07-09, Christopher Kubasik said:

I didn't know!

I'm so happy!

I have a reason to go buy a book again!

This is so cool!


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