2007-08-22 : Back from GenCon

It was an odd year for me (my 5th) but a great con anyway, despite Jared's thing that the good ones are the even ones.

Poison'd is available in PDF for purchase, check the store. In print, soon. You can start looking out for actual play reports in the usual place, and if you have any questions about the game, like "Poison'd? It's what now Vincent, exactly?" feel free.

While you're there, I've posted my first con game writeup, about our D&D game. To do: Ganakagok, The Land of 1000 Kings, and Poison'd. You may be waiting a long, long time for that last, though. I have things to say about it that demand both discretion and significant thinkery.

My friends I see only at GenCon: you're some of my very favorite people in the world. It was great to be there with you.

1. On 2007-08-22, John Harper said:

Likewise, Vincent.

I hope you can find a way to talk about that Poison'd game. I'm still reflecting and searching for words.


2. On 2007-08-23, Gregor said:

Hi Vincent

It was great to see you as ever, and I'll be in touch about the con invite to the UK.

Poison'd was my favourite thing that I picked up at the con, but, wow, it's serious stuff.


3. On 2007-08-23, NinJ said:

It is my sole regret about Gen Con that I wasn't in that game of Poison'd. Particularly since it sounds like Abysinnia is all resolved now, which means we're going to have to start our ship *again*.


4. On 2007-08-23, Julia said:

I agree with John. I might need therapy for that game. (Good therapy!)

Joshua, maybe there's more than one Abyssinia. Maybe they're twins, and they took the same name so that they could be remembered forever.


5. On 2007-08-23, Jared Sorensen said:

40th GenCon, so it was even! :) Good to see you again, Vincent. And Poison'd looks supah-cool.

All Hail the Donut!

- Jared


6. On 2007-08-23, Reedo said:

Hey I just saw these video clips from GenCon...They're Hysterical!

They did a lot of interviews...





7. On 2007-08-24, luke said:



8. On 2007-08-25, Vincent said:

Alexander's posted about our Ganakagok game, here.


9. On 2007-08-27, NinJ said:

I clicked the first video out of curiosity. Watching it made me so stupid that I clicked the second one. Fortunately, the second one tapped out the last of my IQ and I was unable to click the last one because I could no longer operate a mouse.


10. On 2007-08-28, Dave Cleaver said:

I couldn't make it through the first one.


11. On 2007-08-28, Vincent said:

I think Reedo might be a shill.

Reedo, care to defend yourself?


12. On 2007-08-28, NinJ said:

One way or the other, he's gonna be meeting with Adun in the middle of the night...


13. On 2007-09-04, Vincent said:

I've posted about our Poison'd game, here: GenCon Poison'd, but you don't get the whole story.

As is traditional, I'll warn you that it contains bad swears and you shouldn't read it if you're my mom.


14. On 2007-09-04, Ben Lehman said:

When you gonna post about 1000 kings?

Interesting to see the games in backwards order.



15. On 2007-09-04, Vincent said:

You asked for it, Ben: Tomato Judgment in the Garden Kingdom.

Also contains swears.


16. On 2007-09-05, Ben Lehman said:

Oooh... Next time you're back, someone's going to have to wash out your mouth with soap.



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