2007-08-08 : new mech design

These are the mechs made out of parts you can order on Lego Factory. Not in these colors, though - in red and dark gray.

I hope to get a "go here to buy a kit" thing live and working before GenCon, we'll see!

1. On 2007-08-08, NinJ said:

I like these guys a lot. Maybe even in red and grey.

They're really SUPARDEFORMD!


2. On 2007-08-08, Carl Cravens said:

Those are cool... getting pretty creative with the limited selection of bricks in the Lego Factory.


3. On 2007-08-13, space pirate said:

culd u possibly post instructions?

p.s. who likes "disturbed"?


4. On 2007-08-14, anon. said:

Instructions would be nice... also, anyone have nay suggestions for a good Mechaton campaign storyline? Anyone?


5. On 2007-08-15, Uriel said:

Awesome! I really like the shoulder solution. You're are truly the King of micromechas!

Me, I'm getting more lazy by the minute, so my mechas have gotten bigger and bigger. But I'm slowly updating my flickr gallery with both mechas and hopefully more actual play photos. I keep forgetting to take pictures while playing.


6. On 2007-08-15, dmq said:

"also, anyone have nay suggestions for a good Mechaton campaign storyline? Anyone?"

anon, here's one: in yr.3040, east russia gets bored and tries to get his old 1960 commie friends back together and re-form the USSR. west (european) russia dont like this, and tries talking to their east russian friends to try to discourage this communist act. east russia gets pissed and sends tanks and mechs to attack west russia and europe. a big-ass russian civil war erupts and boom, you have a storyline.


7. On 2007-08-28, NinJ said:

Anon & DMQ, instructions are available in the Mechaton instructions, available from the homepage. These dudes, as well as campaign rules, will be in the next edition, I'm told.

DMQ, I suggest you look at the Mechaton campaign stuff on this site. "I'm gonna get you" turns out to not be that much fun. "If I were the Police..." though, that gets interesting. I'd also strongly suggest a 3-way conflict. Mechaton really shines with three players.


8. On 2007-09-01, Reidzilla said:

"instructions are available in the Mechaton instructions, available from the homepage."

Where? I cannot locate the link on your homepage.


9. On 2007-09-01, Vincent said:

I think that all the diagrams I've put online are for our campaign game's mechs: Ptimanya designs.


10. On 2007-09-01, Kai Tave said:

"These dudes, as well as campaign rules, will be in the next edition, I'm told."

Any idea when that might be coming out?  Reading the results of the campaign posted here has really sold me on purchasing a copy of the game, but I'd rather wait for the next edition if that's the case.


11. On 2007-09-01, Vincent said:

In the next six months, probably? Hard to say.


12. On 2007-09-01, Vincent said:

Let me add - if you buy the PDF, I give you automatic access to all future editions of the PDF. If you buy the book, I give you access to the PDFs for the asking (it's not automatic, but it's free and easy).

I totally get it if you want the book and would rather hold off. That's cool. But if you were thinking about buying the PDF, there's no reason to wait at all.


13. On 2007-09-02, Kai Tave said:

Okay.  I'll buy the .pdf for now, and wait to purchase the hardcopy when the new version comes out.

This makes you the...second person ever to whom I have paid money for a .pdf.  Well, no wait.  Third.  I gave Greg Stolze some money last week.  Still, it takes some doing to get me to buy .pdfs.


14. On 2007-09-02, Kai Tave said:

...aaand done.


15. On 2007-09-02, Vincent said:

Cool, thank you! I hope you like the game.


16. On 2007-09-02, Uriel said:

I'm pre-booked doing Mechaton for two big Cons around Eastern next year, a new edition by then would be nice.


17. On 2007-09-06, zarkov said:

These two are hot.
Also, your update policy just sold me, finally.


18. On 2007-09-19, Kilodyne said:

Since Lego Factory was mentioned here already, I guess this is as good of a place to post as any.  I put together a little kit here in lego factory that has 5 mechs made from designs found here or of my own creation (with a couple of odd bits like flags).

Despite the slightly higher cost of ordering from the lego factory, there is something to say about the ease and security of dealing directly with lego.

For those of you that use LDD, feel free to download the model file and chop it up if you want. I just wanted to post a fast and easy way to get started in mechaton if you find your brick collection somewhat lacking in the small bits category.


19. On 2007-09-19, NinJ said:

Kilodyne, that's really cool! I think you might be the first to actually follow through on this!

You don't live in southern New England, do you? JiffyCon is coming up in November and you could show off your dudes!


20. On 2007-09-19, Kilodyne said:

unfortunately, the drive from Chicago is a little long, otherwise, I'd love to check it out. Vincent better be glad that I don't live any closer though.  He might find his inbox flooded with requests to get in on that campaign action. =D


21. On 2007-12-13, cosine said:

Some interesting links;








22. On 2009-02-28, Darrin Bowers said:

Hey Vincent, what do you call this frame?

I am trying to put together a list of Mechaton frames.  I have no idea as to how it will be arranged, but I want to include the name of the frame, and the name of the frames creator.  So far I have:

What I have come to call ???The Classic.???  My guess is that it is your design, but I have found no confirming documentation to that end.

The ???5th Gen,??? or ???5gen,??? possibly by Emily?  You?  Again no hard and fast documentation.

The ???Walker??? again my guess is that it is yours, and again I have no documentation.

What I am calling the ???Scorpion Walker, of the Third Great Roman Empire??? by D. Vincent Baker.

The ???AIn-11??? by Joshua A.C. Newman

The MgN-302 and 303 frames by Malcolm Craig

The ???Big Foot??? by D. Vincent Baker

The ???Unknown Mech at the beginning of this thread??? by D. Vincent Baker.

The ???Takafashii??? by Squieu.

The ???Advanced Frame??? by Zizy2.

What criterion am I using for adding or not adding a mech to this list?  Well so far a mech can be added to the list if it fits into one of the following categories:
It is included in any official Mechaton document,
It was posted about by the games creator,
It is a confirmed creation of the games author.
It is a frame that is or has been copied and used by people other than the original builder of the frame.

I feel this is important.  This is our Mechaton heritage and it needs to be documented.

Darrin Bowers
Kent Ohio


23. On 2009-02-28, Darrin Bowers said:

Hey all my quotation marks turned into triple question marks!  Sweet!


24. On 2009-12-07, ShaunGamer said:

I see a lot of humanoid mech designs used as naked mechs on various Mechaton sites. However I have been unable to find a standard Chicken walker design. Most Models of this configuration seem to be just "One-offs"

Is there a standard Chicken walker design out there somewhere?


25. On 2009-12-08, Vincent said:

Hey Shaun. I can't think of any chicked walker designs that aren't one-offs, no. I think it may be actually a hard Lego engineering challenge to make chicken legs that small, yet stable enough to play with.

Anybody else?


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