2007-08-02 : today...

Today I'm looking forward to GenCon and to seeing my friends. I've been reading Luke over at therpgsite and some old posts of Ron's at the Forge, and I wish the two weeks were past already.

Lots to do in those two weeks, though! I wish they were past, but may they please pass slowly enough for me to do it all.

1. On 2007-08-02, ScottM said:

Are you selling new stuff this year?  You had a few balls in the air but I haven't heard about them recently...


2. On 2007-08-03, Luke said:

I hope that you have been guffawing and snorting and dismissing everything I say out of hand with a shout of, "He has no proof!"

It's a conspiracy,

PS: The Pundit just quoted you!


3. On 2007-08-03, NinJ said:

Yeah, don't go rushin'. We have to sort out the tabletop issue and none of the goodies have shown up in the mail yet but the T shirts.

Dammit. Now I have to go to the stupid RPGsite to see what the Pundit said? Thanks, Luke. Thanks a flaming bag of dog shit on your doorstep.


4. On 2007-08-03, NinJ said:

Bah. I couldn't find it and my eyes rolled all the way up into my head, so I couldn't read any more. Good job on the Q&A thread, though.


5. On 2007-08-03, Vincent said:

Y'know, I'm always flattered by how well those guys know what I've written. If I ever have trouble finding an old blog post or something, I'll ask them first.

(Hi guys!)


6. On 2007-08-03, Luke said:

They were just talking about how angry they were that we're using their forum to sell our games. RPGP referenced one of V's posts about how flame wars and threads spike sales.

Nothing major, but still fun to see.

There's much seething and foot-stamping over there.

Tony's in the middle of a Q&A now. He's much more friendly than I.


7. On 2007-08-03, Marhault said:

You done pretty good, Luke.  Tony is doing great with some head on "Forge=evil" questions, though.

Here is the reference to your post, Vincent.  Post #9.


8. On 2007-08-03, Ben Lehman said:

Yeah, it's always astonishing. I can't imagine anyone would care what I post, but leave it to Pete Seckler to dig up posts of mine from a year or two ago.



9. On 2007-08-04, NinJ said:

Well, anyway, Luke, I'm psyched to see you. So much hair! I'm also really psyched at all the new faces I'm gonna see. There are guys across from us who have a magical American Revolution game. That' pretty sweet.


10. On 2007-08-06, Vincent said:

Oh, I never answered you, Scott. Poison'd will be there!


11. On 2007-08-15, watergoesred said:

I see the Poison'd pdf is up for sale. Great! But, how do I buy it? I've got a paypal account but I don't see any payment details.


12. On 2007-08-17, watergoesred said:

Sorted. I had NoScript turned on for


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