2007-07-23 : Doomsday ticks closer

...but we didn't take any photos.

I had a really dangerous scheme. It was: field a bunch of mechs with two armor, one spotting, no movement, no weapons. I fielded 5 mechs with 15 total attachments, where J and Em fielded 5 mechs each with 19 and 20 total attachments, respectively, so I got the big 6 points per to their 5 and 4 points per. I started the battle winning and holding the special objective, a food production thingy worth a multiplier in economy & jobs.

My scheme worked, basically. I abandoned the special objective to J pretty much off the bat, and otherwise held my ground and shone my spotlights on Emily's mechs. We all lost one mech in the fighting, J took the special objective from me, and Em took an objective from J.

The final score was me: 30, J: 30, and Em: 28. If two dumb, random things had gone the other way, it would've been me: 36, J: 35, and Em: 24, and that would've been a better outcome for everybody but Emily!

Here's where we stand now:

Joshua, the Paktalist terrorists
+30 points, for a current sum of 126
+1 to economy & jobs, for a multiplier of x2
society & conscience: 126 x 3 = 378 (the winning score)
economy & jobs: 126 x 2 = 252
security & law enforcement: 126 x 1 = 126

Emily, the Rasili opressors
+28 points, for a current sum of 136
society & conscience: 136 x 2 = 272
economy & jobs: 136 x 2 = 272 (the winning score)
security & law enforcement: 136 x 2 = 272

Me, the good and rightful provisional government of Tarkut
+30 points, for a current sum of 97
society & conscience: 97 x 3 = 291
economy & jobs: 97 x 1 = 97
security & law enforcement: 97 x 3 = 291 (the winning score)

The Doomsday Clock ticked down from 7 to 6, and Emily chose to tick it down to 5. Three more battles to Doomsday, probably, and it's Emily's turn to set up the next one.

I promise to take photos!

In related news, Lego Factory now has available enough parts to make Mechaton mechs with. As soon as I can get the Lego Factory software to work on my machine, I'll put some models up for sale there! Watch this space.

1. On 2007-07-23, Carl Cravens said:

(I just recently read all the Mechaton post threads... I'm digging the campaign notes.  And propaganda.)

If you're on Windows, and Lego Digital Designer is locking up on you after telling it what you want to do (free build, load a model), you need to update Quicktime.

LDD is slick-looking, but slow as molasses.  And it's snapping is just intelligent enough to be really stupid sometimes.  Nothing like rotating the view over and over, trying to find just the right position that lets you put the brick where you want it instead of where LDD thinks it goes.

I prefer MLCad's traditional three-pane view... it makes positioning a lot faster.  (Even if MLCad needs some snap intelligence instead of just using grids for positioning.)

And LDD, as far as I can tell, doesn't let you build with bricks that aren't for sale in the Factory.  But it sure would be cool if you could get some good mech designs into the Factory... then folks could just buy kits directly from them.  (At something like three or four times the price of what you can get bricks for on Bricklink if you take the time to find a good price.  But it's a fair trade-off... buying bricks on Bricklink is time-consuming.)

I think Mechaton could pick up in popularity if there were mech-building kits readily available.  I've considered putting together a few kits to sell just to justify the time spent on Bricklink.  (Presuming you'd be okay with that.)


2. On 2007-07-23, Vincent said:

I'm more than okay with that, I'd be thrilled (and I'd be happy to publicize for you). You could probably make some money at it. I took kits for sale to last GenCon, and it was such an enormous pain. Whenever I think about putting kits together I remember what a pain it was and I change my mind.

I've just designed a really cool mech frame using only Lego Factory parts. I'll put some photos up when I get the chance. It's somewhere between a classic Mechaton stumpy mech and a 5gen of Emily's - I think it's pretty stylish.


3. On 2007-07-24, NinJ said:

Yeah, the big drag is, Emily's away, so we're not going to know what the setup is until Gen Con!

And man, I'm still kicking myself about my last turn.


4. On 2007-07-24, drnuncheon said:

I believe the classic stumpy mech can be made with factory parts, aside from the 1x2 trans slope canopy - a 1x2 trans plate is a possibility.

Mechaton has been a big hit every time I've brought it out - both at the local gaming store (2 full-length games) & at Bisbeecon this past weekend (1 full-length game & 2 "short game").  The locals are even talking about the possibility of running a campaign game.

Speaking of the campaign game: did you pick three things to fight over because you had three players, or because it seemed like a good number of possible goals?


5. On 2007-07-26, Tom said:

Just thought I'd give you a heads up. I fell in love with this game when BrikWars linked it, and I'll be doing demos at PAX. The Penny Arcade Expo is a huge, 3-day geekfest put on by the makers of the webcomic Penny Arcade, if you didn't know. There's a 24 hour tabletop area, and I'm already stirring up interest among attendees to come check it out. I know a few people have bought the game after finding out about it through me. I was wondering if you'd mind if I took down names and contact info of people who liked the demo and pointed them at this site. I was thinking I could also hand out little cards with the URL on it to those who seemed interested, to help them on their way to buying a copy. Basically, I'll be advertising Mechaton for you. Is that cool?


6. On 2007-07-26, Vincent said:

Totally cool in every way! Thank you!

Email me, I'll send you cards to hand out.


7. On 2007-07-29, Vincent said:


8. On 2007-08-01, Tom said:

Sent you an email 5 days ago from gmail account HotSake. Just poking you here in case it didn't go through.


9. On 2007-08-14, dmq said:


i assume at least some of you have mecha pics?
should i do so?
because i am totally blocked for ideas and some pics may help me to build more mechs. i'll try to get some pictures of mechas here.
here are some big mechas i made and some first-generation mechaton mechs
please write reviews on the page


10. On 2007-09-06, Emily said:

Okay, I just took a look at the scores and I think I know what I'm going to is my turn to pick the next scenario, right?

Okay, it's going to be security and enforcement. The Rasili, ahem, liberators have decided that the impotent Tarkut regime is unable to protect their own people from the Paktali dogs, so they are declaring martial law.  Citizens now must observe curfews, and a military occupation commences in force.

The battle will take place in the capital city during rush hour. The streets are crawling with peace enforcing mechs and vehicles. Civilians are everywhere, as are buildings and civilian vehicles in this prosperous and populous city.

The objective is the parliment building. The Rasili have taken over its security. The Tarkut feel they should be protecting it. And, of course, the scurilious Paktali want to DESTROY it.


11. On 2007-09-10, Emily said:

You guys are so scared of me that you forfeit, huh?

Excellent! I win!


12. On 2007-09-10, Vincent said:

You wish dude.

What are our army limits?


13. On 2007-09-11, NinJ said:


We're going to have to make a big market. Lots of civvies, little stalls, and apple carts.

Give us design limits!


14. On 2007-09-12, Vincent said:

I've been thinking about this battle and it's going to suck, suck, suck for me. Suck.

Hey Em, are you going to go with the force limit we talked about last night? If you are, let J in on it so I'm not the only one making schemes.


15. On 2007-09-12, Vincent said:

Oh by the way the parliament building is the green square at the topmost edge of E5, right across the street from that one touchdown facility.


16. On 2007-09-12, Emily said:

Yes, I've been trying to decide between that and green dice limits, but I think I'll go with the army limits:

Y'all both have the minimum number of mechs: 3.


17. On 2007-09-12, Vincent said:

Suck, suck, suck. Good choice.


18. On 2007-09-13, NinJ said:


I take it you're doing that so you start in control of the Special?

How many Big Ass Rockets?

... Holy shit, I've got a strategy.

Emily, we really can't let Vincent take this, or neither of us will have a rat's ass' chance in a cat factory of taking it back.


19. On 2007-09-13, Vincent said:

I really, really know it.

Em won't start in control of the special! Unless she also fields only 3 mechs, AND puts fewer attachments on hers than we do on ours. I'm betting that she fields 6 fully armed, so that she equals us put together.

This battle is going to suuuuuck.


20. On 2007-09-13, NinJ said:

No, we have a *minimum* number of three. I bet she puts her guys on it and holds tight to one objective the whole fucking time.


21. On 2007-09-13, Vincent said:

No, we both have THE minumum number of mechs, which is 3.

I bet you a quarter! Let's ask her. Emily?

(Don't take the bet. Emily and I were talking about this on Tuesday night and she spilled it to me before she posted it here. You get 3 mechs, I get 3 mechs, and Em gets up to 6.)


22. On 2007-09-13, Emily said:

Yeah, I forgot about the defender starting with it, but Vincent's still right. You guys are facing the real deal invader with a shitload of more and better technology now.

Um.. did I say invader? I meant "liberator". Yeah. Really.


23. On 2007-09-14, NinJ said:



I woke up with a quarter stuck to my butt. You can have that one.

I'm not kidding. There was a quarter stuck to my butt.


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