2007-06-04 : Attention Paktalist Dogs

Hey J! Set up the next battle for us?

As always, we need:
- Where will it be on the map?
- What's the special objective and which win category does it represent?
- What are our force limits? and
- How many 1-shot rockets do we get?

Here's the map:

Also, we didn't do the Doomsday Clock last time. It ticks by itself from 7 to 6. Emily, you're winning, do you tick it down to 5?

1. On 2007-06-06, NinJ said:

OK, this one's on the Island, Mir Ukku. There's a story about that island: it was formed as a wound in Buoa Kaitu, the river, when it fought with Kanutak, the King of the Sun. Ten thousand years ago, a mighty tower stood there called Spear of the Sun.

Today, the Rasili see it as a conveniently defensible position in which to put their food manufacturing facilities. It's been cranking out thousands of gallons of delicacies a day—tiny genetically engineered fish eaten live, testicles of the Ihili plant, Imiaantia Wine. All these go to the Rasili occupiers to amouse their bouches while they sit aloft in their floating fortresses, ooing and ahing at the chaos below. The factory has been surrounded by a force field since the factory was built two years ago, but tonight it was sabotaged. By whom, no one knows.

So tonight, tonight we feast.

Rasili security forces will have no ranged weapons, for fear of hitting the valuable machinery—if the Imperial Governor cannot get his Ehhi juice, his wife will not be satisfied, and if his wife is not satisfied, heads will roll. So he has decreed this absurdity.

The Provisional "Government" of Tarkut and the Mukunliya Paktaliya have both been informed of this breach of security and will arrive at precisely the moment the shield goes down.

(Vincent, did I put restrictions on you the other day? I don't remember.)

The special objective is a truck filled with enough food to feed a hundred families for a month, set to head to the Governor's quarters to feed himself and his wife for a week. It represents Economy and Jobs, natch.

We get no 1-shots! Don't want to blow up the goods.


2. On 2007-06-06, Vincent said:

The other day you restricted me to two blue dice per mech for all my mechs. I was for it! I've made my force already, so whether the restriction stands or not, all my mechs have two blue dice.


3. On 2007-06-06, NinJ said:

Ah, yeah!

Yeah, your goal is to get in,get some food, and get out with minimal losses. You can't afford them. So you're taking the "slow and klunky" route.

Oh! One of the objectives is a magic food generator piece. It's the part that makes it so you can replicate food, like on Star Trek. The Rasili seem to feel that just giving it to the people of Tarkut will keep them from feeling like they've earned it. Just like on Star Trek.

This piece is color. If you or I get it, Vincent, it'll feed into the next battle's premise, but it won't adjust scores.

So, hey, let's remember who's winning this time, eh?

(It's Emily.)


4. On 2007-06-19, Emily said:

Tick it down!


5. On 2007-06-19, Vincent said:

5 it is. J, you're second. Tick it down to 4?


6. On 2007-06-19, NinJ said:



7. On 2007-06-19, Vincent said:

Me too also. It stands at 5.

Oh J, by the way, when I said that I had a scheme and it would make you win, but I wouldn't tell you what it is? I figured out why I wouldn't. It's because I hope it doesn't make you win, I hope it makes you come in second (of course), or first by just a hair, and if I tell you what it is you'll be able to exploit it to win strong for sure.

Just wanted to make that clear.


8. On 2007-06-21, NinJ said:

Hey, things can be arranged. I don't mind coming in first by a hair with you coming in second. Ideally, Emily loses *really badly*.


9. On 2007-06-21, Vincent said:

How generous you are! I don't mind coming in first by a hair either.


10. On 2007-06-22, Emily said:

Ha! We'll see about that. Bring it.


11. On 2007-06-28, Mech Master said:

Damn...I really need to get Mechaton..


12. On 2007-06-29, NinJ said:

If only there were some way...


13. On 2007-07-02, James_Nostack said:

The problem isn't getting Mechaton: it's finding people to play with.


14. On 2007-07-02, NinJ said:

We're playin' on Friday, if all goes well. You can come over!


15. On 2007-08-02, Blackwatch said:

I've found Mechaton to be most exilirating! I've collected many parts for making mecha. All but the 1st gen. Ptimans are too fiddly for my tastes. I like the clunky Chuckers. They're easier to build and don't fall apart while you're playing with em! Great Game!


16. On 2007-08-13, dmq said:

as do i.
i have a box of parts that proves to be able to accomodate the parts for 16 and a half mechas, along with assorted building materiels.
my mecha are two-legged quys, maybe 1 and 1/4 inch tall, 3/4 inch thick, and 1 inch wide. since jumpjets(mechwarrior 4)are so cool, they're mandatory on all my mechs.

i dont play mechaton, but am trying to. i created my own mechaton-esque game in which jumpjets can fly you to elavated terrain, which gives you defense bonus.

i may post full rules to this mechaton-esque game so that people may suggest changes for maximum mechaton-ity or, maybe, commend me on creating a game better than mechaton (no)


17. On 2007-08-14, dmq said:

this may be a bit long, but, here are the rules for my game:
if you have any questions, please post them here.

here you are:

This is a turn-based strategy game. It is played on a floor or flat surface at least 2??? by 4???. The object is to eliminate the other players??? forces or whatever the players agree on. Each player can move his/her units the designated movement, in inches, for each particular unit, roll for jump-jet move, if applicable, and fire all its weapons the allotted amount of times per turn.
Turns phases: 1: Move. Players may move all their units the allotted inches per unit.
2: Jump-jet. Players can, if possible, move all their units further by use of jump-jets. To do so, roll a die (or two, depending on the strength of the jump-jets.) The number shown on the die is the number of inches the unit being rolled for can move, horizontally. Jump-jets allow you to move upward also, which does not affect the move horizontally.
3: Attack. Players fire their units??? weapons to damage and destroy the enemy units so as to achieve victory.

Before a game, the players agree on an objective (destruction of enemy forces, capture a flag/ area, etc.) and a maximum point value of the teams. This point value dictates the size and power of the forces that the teams are restricted to. All mechs are valued at 1 point.

Terrain blocks most movement except for that of jump-jets.
Blocking terrain, such as buildings and high walls, blocks all attacks. If a unit is partially behind blocking terrain, it counts as partial cover (see below,) but he can only fire the weapons outside of the cover.
If and when a mech is destroyed, it stays on the field.
Partial cover partially blocks objects behind it or in it. Examples of partial cover are picket fences, sandbags, and thick plants. This gives a +1 defense bonus.
Elevated terrain gives the same rules as partial cover. Units with jump-jets can ascend and descend from elevated terrain, while units without them must ???use the stairs.???
Units can climb over small imperfections in the ground or low walls, as well as walls with footholds such as climbing walls or rock walls by using the rule that one inch of upward movement is equal to one inch of forward movement.

If you have 3 or more units on your team, you assign a leader. If the leader is killed, roll one die. If it is a one or a two, the team fails the morale test and moves back its full move, including jump-jets. If it is a three or a four, nothing happens and play continues as normal. If, however, it is a five or six, the team goes into a battle rage. It gets another attack immediately, with a -1 modifier on the attack rolls, in addition to a move that must be in a forward direction.

Electronic equipment

Stealth generator:
Cut your damage point value in half. Remove weapons if necessary. enemies roll a 4+ die to see you, and, thus to attack you, if within 12???.

Smoke launcher:
When activated, all attack to or from a 6??? radius of the firer suffer a -1 attack roll. smoke launches dissipate the next turn and can???t be used until the turn after that.

If you have not yet moves, add one to the attack roll of the weapon equipped with the scope. This attachment cannot be placed on a weapon with a range of 8 inches or less.

Not really electronic, but???
A shield may be used to block damage from weapons. When weapons are fired at the bearer of the shield, roll a die and subtract two from the result. This number is the amount of damage blocked. Mechs equipped with a shield only have 3 damage points.

See turn phases.

Damage points: 6
Armor: 6
Move: 8???
Roll to hit: 4+

Unit: The general term for an element of a person???s force.

Jump-jet: The ???Jetpack on a unit that allows it to achieve flight for short periods of time in order to move farther or to reach elevated terrain.

Point Value: A numerical term, x, for a unit???s worth and importance.

???Mech: A 10-20 foot tall machine controlled by a pilot, usually fitted with weapons and jump-jets in order to achieve greater destruction.

Terrain: Any item on a plane of land, whether it be natural or artificial.

Blocking Terrain: A piece of terrain that fully clocks attacks aimed at it.

Partial Cover: A piece that partially blocks attacks going through it. Units behind partial cover gain defensive bonuses.

Elevated Terrain: A terrain piece that, when one is on top of it, gives a height defensive bonus.

Leader: A commander or leading unit of a force.


18. On 2007-08-14, dmq said:

the ???'s scatterred are the page's fault


19. On 2010-11-26, mechaman said:

hello. im new to the whole mechaton game and i could use some pointers on well everything could you guys help me out?


20. On 2010-11-26, Vincent said:

Sure! I love to help out.

Do you have the game? If you don't, you can get it here.

If you do have it, or if you have questions first, bring 'em on! What can I help you with?


21. On 2010-11-26, mechaman said:

?1 how big shuld youmake the mechs?


22. On 2010-11-26, mechaman said:

and i would get the game but my dad wont let me


23. On 2010-11-26, Vincent said:

As small as you can! Here are some designs we've played with:
Mechaton: Ptimanya Designs
Mechaton: 5gen Ptimanya

There are more drawings in the game too.


24. On 2010-11-26, Vincent said:

Oh! Well, there's an early version of the game you can have for free, here: Mechaton (early version). It's playable and fun, even though it doesn't have all the rules of the version for sale.


25. On 2010-11-26, mechaman said:

can you substitute a few mechs with tanks or planes so you have like 3 mechas 2 tanks and 2 planes?


26. On 2010-11-26, mechaman said:

or is this game strictly mechas


27. On 2010-11-26, mechaman said:

ok done reading the rules and ok its strictly mechas. a few more questions though. 1: whats a hex/hex board 2: are the rulers inches or what 3: if you blast a hole in cover can you walk through it or even shoot through it 4: how can i get the mini dice it talks about?


28. On 2010-11-27, mechaman said:

yay!!! i finally designed a custom mecha that doesnt use any skeletons of others!!!


29. On 2010-11-29, Vincent said:


Sometimes when I play, I'll build a jeep or a helicopter or something, but it still counts as a mech by the rules.

1. We don't play on a hex map anymore.

2. We play with a Lego-built ruler that's 5cm per segment, so 1 move is 5cm. I think the ruler's 8 segments long, so direct fire range is 5-40cm and artillery range is 40cm and further.

3. When you blast cover apart, yes, you can move through the hole.

4. I think I got my dice at my favorite local game store, but you can order them direct from Chessex. The mini dice are listed as "12mm d6 Dice Block? (36-Dice)." Here's a Google image search.


30. On 2010-11-30, mechaman said:

ok cool thanks and i might be able to get the game now hopefully


31. On 2010-11-30, mechaman said:

how come the latest post, other than you and I, was made like at least 3 years on everything


32. On 2010-11-30, mechaman said:

3 years ago srry


33. On 2010-11-30, mechaman said:

i just started my first game with my dad, its 1 station + 1 mecha vs 1 station and 1 mecha. i blew off my dads direct fire range weapon with mine so now he cant hit me. Also my dad thinks spotting is stupid but probably just cause of the cirumstances.


34. On 2010-11-30, Vincent said:

I love stories like that! Thanks for playing my game!

Spotting is stupid unless you've got 3 or more mechs in your army. Spotting is best in 3-player games (and more), but it's pretty good in 2-player games with big armies. 1 mech vs 1 mech, though? Your dad's right.

Also remember that when you damage someone else's mech, THEY get to decide which attachment to lose, not you. Usually those direct fire weapons are the last to go.


35. On 2010-11-30, mechaman said:

oh ok that means he will prbably decide to lose his artillery weapon instead.


36. On 2010-11-30, mechaman said:

but still how cme the latest post other than you and I was made at least 3 years ago?


37. On 2010-12-01, Mantisking said:

@ Mechaman;
Try the "Mechaton rules questions?" thread.  The last post is only five months old.


38. On 2010-12-03, mechaman said:

ok thanks but still its five months ago, i mean what happened to like ninJ and dmq and emily?


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