2007-05-29 : Guerrilla Press

Guerrilla Press

I'm digging the side-stabled then glued or taped binding. I wonder if Collective will do those.

(I learned about it from John Laviolette at Raven's LiveJournal.)

1. On 2007-05-30, Caesar_X said:

This is a cool link, thanks for posting.

Reading on the site I found this disturbing quote:

"One of the stupidest things I noticed while running my own small press is that on a daily basis I get more manuscripts for submissions than I do orders."


2. On 2007-05-30, Vincent said:

That is disturbing. What page was it on?


3. On 2007-05-30, talysman said:

It's on the Self-Publishing page.

Second sentence of the second paragraph.


4. On 2007-05-30, Vincent said:

(Hey, I got your name right, didn't I? Or did I mess it up?)


5. On 2007-05-30, Vincent said:

So that's really interesting. That's a thing we're doing right, in the Forge's indie rpg publishing scene. We all buy more games than we publish.


6. On 2007-05-30, Paul Czege said:

Is that true? I sold several hundred copies of My Life with Master last year, and I bought fewer than thirty games.


7. On 2007-05-30, Ben Lehman said:

Right, Paul, what Vincent is saying is "we purchase more often than we publish" per unit game, rather than per unit book.

You've published, uh, two games.  You've purchased more than two games.


8. On 2007-05-30, John Laviolette said:

Paul: yeah, but you didn't publish several hundred *games*.

Vincent: yep, that's the way it's spelled.


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