2007-08-29 : The Descent

I can't remember who it was at GenCon who recommended The Descent to me, but whoever you were: you were right. Good flick.

1. On 2007-08-30, wundergeek said:

Woot! That was me! I'm glad you liked it. I thought it was awesome, even if it did give me nightmares. (It's okay. The nightmares were worth it.)

So which version did you watch?


2. On 2007-08-31, Vincent said:

The good one. I watched an interview with the guy afterward where he talked about the two endings, and I was like, frickin' America with it's stupid movie endings.


3. On 2007-09-05, Jon Hastings said:

Not to engage in silly, internet, geek arguments, but the thing I like about the American ending - and why I think it is a more horrible ending - is that, yeah, she gets out of the cave, but what she has done is going to haunt her forever.  She's going to be in some kind of living hell: even though physically she's back in the real world, she'll never be back there mentally/emotionally.  For me, this helps the movie earn all its references to Deliverance, where the question isn't just "What will you do to survive?" but "How will you live with yourself after you've done it?"

So the American ending: different, sure, but not stupid - even though Neil Marshall was able to fool the marketing people into thinking it wasn't as dark as the original ending.


4. On 2007-09-05, Vincent said:

Yeah, that's fair.

I liked the original ending way better anyway.


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