2007-10-22 : Dear Paktalists

Dear Paktalists,

I dreamed about you last night. Your goat-manipulation-based musical stylings were appalling, both as music and as a practice. I cannot possibly endorse them.

Please get out of my head.


1. On 2007-10-23, Emily said:

Hear, hear.

Have no fear, Vincent. When the great Pax Rasili Empire has finished liberating this puny—I mean, quaint little planet, Paktali music will be just a thing of memory.


2. On 2007-10-23, NinJ said:

I think the only reasonable response I can have is broadcasting the beheading of a journalist who was here to show the Empire what was was really happening and was therefore being suppressed anyway.


3. On 2007-10-23, Emily said:

This calls for retaliation!


4. On 2007-10-23, NinJ said:

Oh, yeah? Well *that* calls for retaliation! That'll learn ya!


5. On 2007-10-24, Matt Wilson said:


Please draw a picture of what you mean by "goat manipulation."

It's not for me. It's for a friend.


6. On 2007-10-25, SDL said:

Matt, I can't help but imagine it must look something like this... ;)


7. On 2007-10-25, NinJ said:

Vincent seems to be a little bit absent. But he tells me that the goat manipulation was uncouth and.... genital.


8. On 2007-10-25, Vincent said:

Oh dear. Oh dear, Matt.

Meg says I must be very proud.


9. On 2007-10-25, Tom said:

OK, that's totally got to be a t-shirt.


10. On 2007-10-25, Piers said:

I do hope you are going to use that as an illustration for In a Wicked Age


11. On 2007-10-25, NinJ said:

*I* hope it's smack on the cover of Mechaton.


12. On 2007-10-26, wundergeek said:

That picture is strangely hypnotic. I suddenly find myself with a strange desire to quit my job and launch an international music career playing goats.


13. On 2007-10-26, SDL said:

...It's like a wonderfully minimist piece of Art Noveau...


14. On 2007-10-27, Matt Wilson said:

That drawing is the best thing in the world.


15. On 2007-10-28, Joshua said:

... waaaait... is that guy *me*?


16. On 2007-10-28, Matt Wilson said:

Nope, that's not which one is you.


17. On 2007-10-29, Joshua said:

Whaaaaaaat are you trying to say?


18. On 2007-10-29, Meguey said:

*whew* Thanks, Matt! I thought I was the only one seeing that resemblance...


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