2007-10-26 : My friends on TV

Here on YouTube is Julia interviewing Meg and Joshua about JiffyCon and roleplaying.

I haven't seen it yet, for my workplace netnanny is not a fan of YouTube. Click fast and you'll see it before me!

1. On 2007-10-31, Traifan said:

I gathered Mom and Lillian around the computer to watch these.  It was great; I really noticed/was reminded of how expressive Meg is with her hands and Mom commented on how she has a great camera presence.  Mom made the comment during Meg's interview on how RPGs are fluid, their story's always changing.

I'm thinking Jiffycon might be a blast and I wish I could go but I've already signed up for the L5R tournament in Feeding Hills that day so Drew and I will be there.


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