2007-10-29 : THIS early? For real?

So hey, Vincent to brain, hey brain? What's with the GenCon anxiety dreams? Wanna take it easy there, thanks?

I'm like, "hey, it's Kenneth Hite! Good to see you. But I gotta go drop this box of books at the Forge booth ... hey wait a second, I never registered for the con. I don't have a badge. They won't let me in! Also I don't have any stock to sell. And where am I sleeping? Did I arrange a hotel room? No! Crap!"

If this were, like, June, I'd understand. October? I don't see it.

1. On 2007-10-29, Joshua said:

Holy crap! I had a Gen Con dream last night, too!

Were we talking about it or something?


2. On 2007-10-30, Tom said:

Actually, we should probably look into arranging a hotel room right now...


3. On 2007-10-30, Vincent said:

Drew was here this morning and we talked about that too.


4. On 2007-10-30, Gregor said:

I can't believe it's been two months since the last GenCon so the next one is getting deceptively closer.

Bah! Time is flying.


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