2007-11-20 : CRAZYWORLD

In the cleanup for JiffyCon, Meg put a stack of my papers on the dining room table for me to deal with, as well she might. In them were some notes for a game. I have dim memories of writing this, but no recollection what brought it on. My best guess is that I wrote it in the spring of '05.

Disjunct! Disjunct as a player power.
Clingers on. Dude.
Clingers on are drawn to success, they leech on it. They're confused by acausality.
Sex, blood, insects, birds, ghosts, shadows, bones, rot, disease, parasites, cannibalism, amalgate machines, amalgate life, doctors, grotesques.
I'm your clingers on. You're your disjuncts.

Final vision
Cannibalism, suicide, extreme confinement, self-mutilation, incorporation, surgrey, extreme refinement, craziness, mayhem, extreme indulgence, broken self-identification, ghostification, ghoulishness, baroque cruelty.

If you piggyback or nuance someone else's disjunct, you get double.

Now you know. If you piggyback or nuance someone else's disjunct, you get double.

1. On 2007-11-20, Matt Wilson said:

This game sounds like that love letter to the Internet you were telling me you wanted to write.


2. On 2007-11-21, Ben Lehman said:

I cleaned up my hard drive today for lack of anything better to do. The insane notes I found lying around were awesome. My favorite is a text file titled "tidt." It's sole contents are the word "bakhem."



3. On 2007-11-21, Emily said:



4. On 2007-12-04, John Harper said:

I keep thinking "Disjunct!" at idle moments.



5. On 2007-12-05, Joshua said:



6. On 2007-12-09, Elizabeth said:

The compelling thing here is—did you mean that one of the player powers would be something called "disjunct".. or is it a simile? If it is a simile, what is as disjunct as a player power? What, indeed?

That's deep, man. Real deep.


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