2008-01-06 : A fun 10-minute graphic design challenge

My band's new album cover:

I got the rules from here, but I think that post's friends-locked and a little bit of clicking leads me to here instead. I don't know where it originated.

Create an Album Cover

The first article title on the page is the name of your band.

The last four words of the very last quote is the title of your album.

The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

You then take the pic and add text to it, then post your pic.

Meg's band's new album cover:

1. On 2008-01-06, Ben Lehman said:

My cover is the awesomest thing ever. I just have to wait to scrounge up some image hosting (swingpad isn't letting me connect for some reason.)


2. On 2008-01-06, Ben Lehman said:


3. On 2008-01-06, Avram said:

Shouldn't you have to crop it to square?

Sulava Samachar


4. On 2008-01-06, Christoph said:

Awesome challenge!

Here's mine:

I cheated with the band name. Giulio Bassi is the picture's author, and since I couldn't find the same font for the band name, I deleted it and put it back in seamlessly.


5. On 2008-01-06, JasonN said:


6. On 2008-01-06, Alexis said:

I cheated a little and took the last five words.


7. On 2008-01-06, Julia said:


I'm the autoharpist. We play murder ballads.


8. On 2008-01-08, Kip Manley said:

Associative model of data.

Difficult ambient, I should think.


9. On 2008-01-08, Vincent said:

Too easy.


10. On 2008-01-08, chris baldwin said:

Ohhh, I could see this happening, pop being what it is:


11. On 2008-01-08, Nick Fagerlund said:

Mmm, gothy.


12. On 2008-01-08, Matt Wilson said:

I'm compelled to write and record this album.


13. On 2008-01-08, Julia said:

Here's my side project, Minaret Summit. We play bluegrass and murder ballads. This one came up eerily perfect.


14. On 2008-01-08, Bea (with Julia's help) said:

Bea wanted to do one. She directed, I executed.


15. On 2008-01-08, John Harper said:


16. On 2008-01-08, John Harper said:

oh, this is too much fun...


17. On 2008-01-09, ArcanaJ said:

Wow, that really does produce some convincing album cover art.


18. On 2008-01-09, Meguey said:

I wonder if there's a way to do this for RPG cover art?


19. On 2008-01-09, Mike said:

Hmm. The random Wikipedia entry for the band name landed me at... a band name. I think we need a special-case rule here.


20. On 2008-01-09, Julia said:

Maybe it was cheating, but it happened to me, too. I picked again.

Now wouldn't it be fun to have buttons made up of our bands and share them at the next con!


21. On 2008-01-10, Mark W said:

Hey, I'm memelicious! It really is a fun one. Even more fun when you try to figure out what it must sound like.


22. On 2008-01-11, Ludanto said:


Now I've got to start a band. :)


23. On 2008-01-13, Dave (aka Nev) said:

I hate memes.

Here's mine (hoping the html works):



24. On 2008-01-18, Warren said:

Cool! I've obviously rolled the debut album from some kind of David-Grey-esque singer/songwriter:


25. On 2008-01-23, Dave (aka Nev) said:

here is my second attempt:


26. On 2008-01-29, redfive99 said:

Not entirely sure of the pink text, but I think it works.


27. On 2008-01-29, peccable said:

I never follow memes, but I had fun with this one.

I have no idea what kind of band produced this, though.


28. On 2008-01-29, tigrshark said:

hi here are some of my results:
this is my favourite:


29. On 2008-02-02, katie1234 said:

That's hot!

katie's album cover


30. On 2008-02-02, mlschop said:

I didn't get good things to work with, but I wanted to follow the rules and not cheat.



31. On 2008-02-04, Meguey said:

Mlschop, I get an instant hit of worldbeat stuff with political undertones.


32. On 2008-02-08, GB Steve said:

I got some math rock:


33. On 2008-03-05, RobinOwensWrite said:

So, wonderful stuff, so, what do I do if I hit a rock band...



34. On 2008-05-08, Animal farm said:


35. On 2008-09-02, MAyNSTREAM said:


That was fun!!! This was the best one.


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