2008-01-11 : In a Wicked Age: Four Oracles

In a Wicked Age: Four Oracles.

Also check out the Oracles page at Abulafia. Dave's got the Four Oracles and the original AG&G Oracle, plus space for new "unofficial" oracles. I believe I'll be submitting some new unofficial oracles myself, come a day.

In a Wicked Age
sword & sorcery roleplaying

1. On 2008-01-11, Guy Shalev said:

Is there a way to get the list of ingredients in an offline manner?


2. On 2008-01-11, Vincent said:

Soon there'll be a downloadable PDF.


3. On 2008-01-12, Dave Younce said:

Cyberpunk oracle is up! I can stop thinking about it at work.  Looking forward to seeing Vincent's LAPD oracle, John Harper's Hellboy oracle, and all the other oracle hacks that I haven't even heard of yet.


4. On 2008-01-12, Guy Shalev said:

I'll ask here, since this place is as good as any.

Anyone knows how from the Abulafia generator pages we can reach their "lists", as in, the full lists they randomly draw from?


5. On 2008-01-12, Vincent said:

I don't know the answer!

But I do know that Dave got the 4 oracles text file from here:

Note that I made slight changes to maybe 10 entries for the book. Every version online except the one in the book is slightly out of date.


6. On 2008-01-13, Ryan K said:


Click on the "Edit" tab at the top of the page.  You'll need to create an account.


7. On 2008-01-13, Dave Younce said:


Ryan's right. Account creation is just to help keep the spammers out; I don't do anything with the information you supply. Once you've an account, you can click the edit tab and see everything behind the curtain, and add/edit whatever you like (but please don't make changes to the Four Oracles).



8. On 2008-01-13, Dave Younce said:

I updated the Four Oracles to match the book text; in so doing, you can see the changes made when the book was being prepared. Mostly, people were added to locations that didn't immediately suggest characters.

Blood and Sex diff

God Kings of War diff
The Unquiet Past diff
Nest of Vipers diff


9. On 2008-01-16, Julia said:

When I come back from Dreamation I'm gonna do the Primitive Orgy oracle. Wee!


10. On 2008-01-16, Vincent said:

I find the idea of the Primitive Orgy oracle way, way too compelling.

If you make it, we have to play it, you know.


11. On 2008-01-16, Julia said:

But of course!


12. On 2008-01-19, PeterD said:

Hey Vincent - any chance of getting a pdf of the Oracle in business card format w/ crop marks? That'll make it a whole lot easier to make them real nice-like.
Cheers - it's one hell of a game! Can't wait to try the published version...


13. On 2008-02-06, JDCorley said:

The game is quite good, and the Oracle situation generator is the best use of tables since D&D's first random encounter table. One thing that (some of) the Abulafia fan-made oracles (including my own, the Vista Heights Oracle) lack that the original oracles (mostly) have is a strong sense of tone and implicit conflicts. Improvements shall be made. Kudos on another great product.


14. On 2008-02-06, Vincent said:

Hey, thanks, Jason.


15. On 2009-05-28, David Artman said:

Just thought I'd point out an interesting thread that's starting at The Forge:

It would be cool if you had a "mods" or "optional rules" page onto which folks could comment to add ideas like Ryan's "Ablative" modifier for PSs, or make "official" the Shamed form reduction.

Just a thought. the IAWA page could use some buffing, to compliment the DITV page's wealth of links. For that matter, even just linking to some of the playing aides on the IAWA page would help it "pop" more like the DITV page....


16. On 2010-02-17, JMendes said:

So... any news on a release date for this? :)


17. On 2010-02-17, Vincent said:

Release date for what?


18. On 2010-03-01, JMendes said:

Hi, :)

Sorry, I got confused inside my head...

For some unfathomable reason, I thought this thread was about Storming. Then I couldn't find my own query... :/

Anyway, yeah, I was asking about a release date for Storming the Wizard's Tower...



19. On 2010-03-01, Vincent said:

Ah, I see.

Nope! Storming the Wizard's Tower needs another round of design and then a full period of successful playtesting before I can start making real publication plans. After Apocalypse World is done, that's when I pick it back up.


20. On 2010-03-01, JMendes said:

Coolness. Thanks for the update. :)


21. On 2010-03-08, way said:

I hope this is a right place to ask rules questions about IaWA...

My question is about when to go to the dice? The game text says whenever a character wants to interfere with another's concrete act. But what if me, as a player, am quite content with the happenings, despite my character's obvious intent or interest? Should we roll or not? This also is a question in mid-conflict, negotiations and stuff.

I've suggested my group to roll the dice only if the player wants to oppose the narration (provided that his character is in position to interfere). This means that the dice mechanics gives a nice drum beat to align the contradicting visions of the players. However, the game text is quite explicit about the characters. Would it break the game if we do not only think about the character's actions? Or do you think that the players' and their characters' intent should align most of the time in this game?

This comes up especially strong with NPCs for me. I drive them very hard at the beginning, but tend to water down their negotiations and conflict-handling in the end a bit, because I'm striving for a closure or some arc of the story or something.


22. On 2010-04-03, Joshua A.C. Newman said:

Hey, Vincent never answered this!

I'd suggest that you follow your reasoning:

Me: I summon the demon.

You: OK.

Me: It eats your mom's head.

You: OK.

Me: It eats your unborn children's heads.

You: Wait, no, I stop it.

GM: How?


That is, let it happen if you're OK with it happening. If you say, "OK, it eats my mom's head, so long as, when it's done, I have sex with your priestess and she's pregnant now."

Then you're just negotiating. You're still using the resolution system ??you're just giving before dice hit the table.

It doesn't say this in the rules, but negotiations should always be about something your character is doing, too. You don't have to have their best interests match your own, of course, but have the character pursue their best interests.


23. On 2010-04-05, Robert Bohl said:

Can you strike yourself from the owe list more than once to get more than one advantage die?


24. On 2010-04-05, Vincent said:



25. On 2010-04-05, Robert Bohl said:

Thanks, V. And another one occurs to me as I read the text very very carefully. Can you negotiate to be put on the owe list?


26. On 2010-04-05, Vincent said:

Huh. No, you can't. I think it'd be like negotiating to exhaust or injure someone else, for instance - it'd have mechanical effects outside your own reach.


27. On 2010-04-13, Adrian said:

Nice game! I am looking forward to playing it, but I have some questions.

Do particular strengths have a limit to the amount of times you can use them?  Will it be used for the whole conflict? Can you use it for every conflict? And then why not? It seems to be the best ability at your disposal? Of course you can only use it when using the appropriate form, but there is nothing preventing me from using the same form in every conflict since you narrate the outcome afterwards.

I know these are not any narrative issues, but I would like to hear other peoples thoughts on them. These questions will surely come up when I play with my group.


28. On 2010-04-13, Vincent said:

No limits!

Since particular strengths count as dice for going onto the owe list, they're self-balancing. If you want to get on the owe list, you're going to have to find conflicts where your particular strengths - and your best forms - aren't suitable.


29. On 2010-04-13, Adrian said:

Thanks for the answer, is it still the highest dice that determines who is the strongest? Even though you use more dices?


30. On 2010-04-13, Vincent said:



31. On 2010-09-01, Brisbe said:

Really, really bizarre off case question here, but figured I'd ask...

In 'In A Wicked Age', a person who rolls 'lower dice against higher dice', and survives the first round, is supposed to go on the owe list. How do you handle a first-round purchased advantage die into this? For a few questioned examples:

1) If my character has a d12, a d8, and an advantage die, and your character has a d12 and a d10, which of us goes on the owe list?

2) If my character has a d10, a d6, and has an additional d6 particular strength, and your character has a d10, a d6, and a purchased advantage die (d6), do either of us go on the owe list?

3) If my character has a d10, a d4, and an advantage die, and your character has a d10 and a d6, which of us goes on the owe list?


32. On 2010-09-01, Vincent said:

Advantage dice count as dice, as I recall. I don't remember the precise calculation, but I'm pretty sure that...

1) the person with d12 d10.

2) no, neither do.

3) the person with d10 d6.


33. On 2010-09-01, Brisbe said:

Vincent:  Thanks for the response.  I'm a little confused on it, though—normally, d12, d8, d6 would go on the list over a d12, d10, if I have been reading the rules correctly—is it different in the case of the advantage die?  Sorry for the confusion over this, just wanting to make sure that I have the rules down before starting into my first session.  n_n;


34. On 2010-09-01, Vincent said:

Ah! Since advantage dice ADD to the high die, they don't count as just a d6. Effectively, it's...

1) d18 d8 vs d12 d10, so the person with d12 d10 goes on the owe list.

2) oops! I see I made a mistake. Case 2 is d10 d6 d6 vs d16 d6, so the person with the d6 particular strength goes on the owe list.

3) d16 d4 vs d10 d6, so the person with d10 d6 goes on the owe list.


35. On 2010-09-01, Brisbe said:

Thanks so much for the answer man—I wasn't sure which ruling was correct (advantage die as additive, normal die, or specially not counted), and nice to get a ruling ahead of time.  n_n


36. On 2011-03-08, Jay said:

Just wanted to say, we have a IaWA group going out here in Baltimore and we love this game!!!


37. On 2011-03-08, Vincent said:

Cool, Jay. Thank you!


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