2008-01-15 : Oracles galore!

Meg thinks I'm naïve, but I never expected the explosion of oracles. I'm delighted.

There are some good ones but want to know my fave-of-the-moment? It's growing in this RPGnet thread: [IaWA Oracle] Demon City Blues. It's Angelrific.

An auction, where dreams, destinies, and fates are sold

A vampire sick of the killing decides to save a life for every one he took.

They say anyone who jumps from the roof of the Chambers Building spends 3 days in hell and then rises from the grave.

The fog has come and offers communion. Those who breath deep of it shall surely hang. Who hates the wind enough to partake?

1. On 2008-01-18, Doyce said:

I need to get a page up on random wiki to compile these things, assuming no one else is doing it.

And, if someone else is doing it. WHERE? :)


2. On 2008-01-18, Vincent said:

Right here!


3. On 2008-01-18, Ben Lehman said:

I have developed a curious obsession with expanding and improving the Mario Oracle.



4. On 2008-01-19, Chris B. said:

Oh this is fun!  I added some to the Old West Oracle and started a new oracle for Noir.


5. On 2008-01-23, Ryan Stoughton said:

Oh my God Vincent - when you said in the Insurgency interview that you wanted people to talk about IAWA online, I thought that Oracles were your stealth-bomber approach to doing exactly that.

You didn't plan this?



Oh, and strangely enough, I think when you play IAWA online you need sets (i.e. maps of locations).  I forgot how much I use my body to describe a space for my players, and how much people feed off each other physically when it comes to things like dirt on the ground, trees in a garden, things like that.


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