2008-02-17 : les animaux de la nuit sauvent le monde

How proud am I?

Marie Fournier was inspired by my game The Nighttime Animals Save the World to create a night light for a friend's new baby.

(click to enlarge)

That's how proud. Isn't it beautiful?

(I had to go to the Wayback Machine to find the nighttime animals online. That's kind of a shame.)

1. On 2008-02-17, shreyas said:

That's so beautiful! I, um, might have to make a trip to the art store to get some paper now...


2. On 2008-02-18, Paul Czege said:

It's super cute.

Y'know...the right photos of it would make very nice illustrations for an ashcan of the game.



3. On 2008-02-18, Jonathan said:

Nighttime Animals is an under-appreciated work of genius.  You should find a webpage for it somewhere!


4. On 2008-02-19, anon. said:

Vincent, you really should put all those old games back up somewhere.  Just today I went digging around for Otherkind for a friend.

I especially miss having Toward One online.


5. On 2008-02-19, Marhault said:

Grr.  That was me.  Stupid computer.


6. On 2008-02-19, Vincent said:

Well, let me see what I can do. I have them all here somewhere. Give me a week or so.


7. On 2008-02-19, Antoine Fournier said:

Nighttime animals was the first time I saw a RPG that :
- could be played with children
- could be played outside, while walking in fact
- used things from the real world in front of you into the fiction

and, doing all this, transformed the real world into a magical world.

The only other RPG that I see doing something like this one is Ben Lehman's Land of 1000 kings.

Living with her, I can tell you that Marie would be more than happy to illustrate your game if you ever want to publish it in any form (online, PDF or paper). I am almost sure she would even make more little animals miniatures.



8. On 2008-03-22, UnlikelyLass said:

Did anything happen, here?  I haven't managed to find any current link for Otherkind.  :P


9. On 2008-03-29, UnlikelyLass said:

Ah, the Wayback Machine comes to my rescue, as well:

Otherkind in HTML Otherkind page 2 Otherkind page 3

Otherkind PDF


10. On 2008-03-29, Vincent said:



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