2008-06-02 : The Fire Spell

1. On 2008-06-02, Julia said:

That's cool!


2. On 2008-06-02, Christoph said:

Excellent! I was wondering where you were at with your dungeon crawl game, is this related?


3. On 2008-06-02, Vincent said:

Sure is!


4. On 2008-06-02, Joshua said:

... wait, this isn't for Red Sky A.M.?


5. On 2008-06-02, Vincent said:


6. On 2008-06-03, Matt Wilson said:

DUDE WTF do you sleep? Knock off all that designin'. Don't make me come up there.


7. On 2008-06-04, Joshua said:

Wait... we can make you come up here?


8. On 2008-06-04, Matt Wilson said:

yes, but it will be for myself and directly.


9. On 2008-06-05, Joshua said:

Then you can be expected to be met with love and with violence.


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