2008-07-07 : A Very Short Movie Opinion Poll

On a scale of 1 to 5, would you say that Wanted is:
1. Extremely Freudian
2. Extremely, extremely Freudian
3. Extremely, extremely, extremely Freudian
4. Extremely, extremely, extremely, extremely Freudian
5. Extremely, extremely, extremely, extremely, extremely Freudian

Edited to add:

On a scale of 1 to 5, would you say that Southland Tales is:
1. Extremely strange
2. Extremely, extremely strange
3. Extremely, extremely, extremely strange
4. Extremely, extremely, extremely, extremely strange
5. Extremely, extremely, extremely, extremely, extremely strange
...and maybe 50 times the movie Wanted is?

1. On 2008-07-07, buzz said:

On a scale of 1 to 5, I would say that Wanted sucked.


2. On 2008-07-08, Moreno R. said:

Ok, Vincent, but should I go to see it or not? ;-)

(I like the comic book, but this means less than nothing when you talk about movies)


3. On 2008-07-08, Vincent said:

Wanted, you mean? Well, someone once gave me enormous grief for having seen, oh, like, The Negotiator, but never having seen Citizen Kane. They were like, you had time to see that, but you didn't have time to see Citizen Fucking Kane?

So, no, I guess you shouldn't see it. Unless you've already seen every movie that's better. I mean, I went and saw it, be we already knew that about me.


4. On 2008-07-08, Guy Shalev said:

Moreno, it seems the movie departs quite quickly and quite far from the comic book.

I still knew it was based on the comic when first seeing the trailer (and I didn't know they were making this movie), I rock.


5. On 2008-07-08, Emily said:

Watch out: MacAvoy is favored to play Bilbo Baggins. We may get to see the hobbit wuxia his way past those goblins and duel in the dark with Gollum.



6. On 2008-07-09, Julia said:

He was pretty good as the creepy and somewhat pedophilic goat man in The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. He can do make up, costumes, and antomic alterations by computer. And he was almost awesome in the Last King of Scotland, so he can act (and he's easy on the eyes).

Just sayin', it could be worse. It could be Angelina Jolie in hobbit drag doing hobbit wuxia. Come to think of it, that'd be pretty entertaining!


7. On 2008-07-09, Emily said:

Ha! Hobbit revisionist history: Rosie Cotton's mom takes on Smaug.  *chuckle* Oh, yeah!


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