2008-11-03 : A GenCon Moment

I'm walking back from the mall food court toward the con, through that hallway by the parking garage, right? There are groups coming the other way. One of them, I'm like:

"Hey, where do I know that guy from? I know him from somewhere. Should I say hi to him? Do I need to introduce myself again? What was that conversation we had? Something about his hat, he was wearing a funny hat when I met him."

He makes only fleeting eye contact with me, no pause of recognition.

"Huh. I guess I didn't need to say hi to him."

A few minutes later I realized that it was Mark Sheppard. That wasn't a conversation he'd had with me at all.

1. On 2008-11-03, Vincent said:

I'm watching Firefly again (mostly to settle an argument). It brought it to mind.


2. On 2008-11-03, Joshua A.C. Newman said:

That hat, sir, is not funny.

It is very fine.


3. On 2008-11-04, Eppy said:

A couple years ago Jonathan Pryce of Brazil fame stopped me on the streets of Brooklyn to ask me directions. I recognized him, but I couldn't tell from where. Assuming it was some nerd event—because I could recall him wearing his Pirates of the Caribbean garb and concluded he was probably a LARPer—I was like, "Hey there, how's it going? What's new? Good to see you," and trying to avoid revealing that I couldn't remember his name or how I knew him. He was very cordial and in the end I couldn't help him, because I'm useless with directions. "Good luck. See you later."

Several blocks away I realized my mistake, and suddenly became intensely embarrassed. I'm not entirely sure why.


4. On 2008-11-04, Jenskot said:

I was fairly music ignorant growing up. When I was 19 an older gentleman came up to me while I was on break at work drawing a picture of a goblin about to swallow a baby elf. He laughed and called me weird and then smiled. Everyone around me burst out laughing. I didn't get it. Looking back I could see how it would be amusing to have David Bowie calling someone else weird.


5. On 2008-11-05, Joshua A.C. Newman said:

Wow, man. Bowie.


6. On 2008-11-05, Matt Wilson said:

At first I read the above as "Malcolm Sheppard." I was like, WTF why does he have an imdb page.


7. On 2008-11-06, Curly said:

I saw an immigrant guy on a bike stop Bowie on the sidewalk.

Bowie was like 'sigh/ here we go again/ what will this one want?'

But the restaurant delivery guy just wanted directions to Spring Street.

Bowie was grinning ear to ear afterward.


8. On 2008-11-06, Jarrod said:

Once, as a young kid searching for a role model, one day while sulking angrily at a bowling alley a fellow with a foot tall orange mohawk walked in, and I decided then and there to be that guy, in any way possible.

That fellow, as it turns out, was Tim Armstrong, then of Operation Ivy and later of Rancid. I still often think to myself, "What would Tim do here?" Which explains my pentient for yelling and drinking beer. One of my better life decisions.


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