2009-02-02 : Hearin' the Call

Sometimes it comes powerfully upon me that I need to write fiction. Especially young adult fiction. Need! This morning for instance.

Fortunately, these days my calling to write fiction doesn't survive my contemplating what writing fiction would be like to actually do. My fiction muse is like "Vincent, NEED." And I'm like "are you serious that would mean writing some fiction and you know I'm not doing that. Because: what a hassle." And my fiction muse is left trying to figure out how to convince me that writing fiction is worthwhile even despite how inconvenient it is. Which she hasn't figured out how to do, yet. She knows there's a way - she's pretty sure there is, some way or some place I'm vulnerable - but she hasn't found it.

I hate to think what'll happen when she does. Then I'll have to write fiction. What a hassle that will be.

1. On 2009-02-02, wundergeek said:

This sounds exactly like me and my webcomic muse.


2. On 2009-02-02, Ben Lehman said:

Writing fiction isn't half as hard as writing games. You're just scared 'cause you're out of practice.


3. On 2009-02-03, Vincent said:

Oh now whose side are you on.


4. On 2009-02-03, Ben Lehman said:

The side that really wants me to write the one about vampires.


5. On 2009-02-03, Christian Griffen said:

That's what Nanowrimo is for: tying up that contemplation with the promise that it'll be all over after 30 days.


6. On 2009-02-03, Luke said:

Jesus, build a fallout shelter or something so you can hide when she figures out how to push that big red button. Think ahead. Plan for future emergencies!


7. On 2009-02-03, Matt Wilson said:

My muse is mean because she won't let me stop editing.


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