2009-02-03 : Another new Mechaton mech

bigfoot mech

I'm calling it a bigfoot. It's funny looking naked, its feet are so big. It needs nice substantial upper-body attachments to balance it, like this one's got.

1. On 2009-02-03, Robert Bohl said:

Now I know the first things to blow up! (That would be the substantial upper-body attachments, for the record.)


2. On 2009-02-03, Guy Shalev said:

Nifty. I keep double-taking at the face though.


3. On 2009-02-03, Simon said:


Very clever construction in the foot.  I always find legs the hardest part.


4. On 2009-02-04, Vincent said:

Me too.


5. On 2009-02-05, Larry L said:

I really dig the shoulder pad thingies. The suggestion of smooth curves tells me this is some kind of new-generation mech, as opposed to the boxy, utilitarian early mechs.

Is that a wallet off on the side? I do that to my poor wallet, too.


6. On 2009-02-05, Darrin Bowers said:

I like the shoulder armor very much.  Angled against attacks from the front, like most tanks.


7. On 2009-02-05, Darrin Bowers said:

I had something simmilar going on with this guy.



8. On 2009-02-05, Ben Lehman said:


I'm seriously digging the tank to the right in that picture.


9. On 2009-02-05, Darrin Bowers said:

You can see more of it here on my MOCpages Mechaton page-



10. On 2009-02-05, Darrin Bowers said:




11. On 2009-02-10, Greg said:

Having built a couple of these guys from scrap bits, I've come to really like this frame.  I think my first bricklink order is going to be for the bits for some color-coordinated bigfoots & accessories.


12. On 2009-02-10, Vincent said:

I'm glad you could build it from just this image.

I agree! I've been playing around with it too and it has a lot going for it.


13. On 2009-02-10, Greg said:

I'm noticing I didn't get it quite right, but that guy doesn't seem to have anything too crazy going on on its back.  That makes it a lot easier to figure out.

Do you know if there's any way to search on bricklink for specific colors?  It's a pain to scroll through all the pages of parts trying to figure out where the different color lots start.  But if I add a color to the search, then nothing shows up..


14. On 2009-02-10, Vincent said:

Well, you can go to Items For Sale: Parts, then scroll down and click on the color you're after. Then you can enter your part description into the keyword field and search within the color.

Or try this. Go to that same page, Items For Sale: Parts, and enter a part description into the search field. (Here's a good one: "assembly" in the search field, and pull down the part category to "Hinge, Plate". One of the part's that'll return is the essential "Hinge, Plate 1 x 4 Swivel Top / Base Complete Assembly.") Anyway, on the search result page, you can see all the colors those parts are available in, and click the color you want.


15. On 2009-02-10, Greg said:

Cool, thanks!  I'm new to bricklink, so I was looking up part numbers on peeron and then searching by number from the main bricklink page.  That wasn't getting me too far, but this looks like it will do the trick.


16. On 2009-02-10, Vincent said:

The frustrating part for me has always been figuring out what to type into that keyword box to get the piece I need. I've spent a lot of time just browsing through various individual Bricklink stores - where the catalogs are manageably small - and noting down the Bricklink names of pieces I like.


17. On 2009-02-10, Soren said:

his coloration reminds me ofthis dude whose funky headdress I think you should totally steal to unify your own dudes.


18. On 2009-02-13, Mantisking said:

I used the same foot design on a mech recently.  I'll have to take a picture and post it.


19. On 2009-03-02, Mantisking said:

I finally took some pictures.  Actually the GF took them, I just built the shadow box.  :-)  Here's the one I mentioned above.


20. On 2012-04-06, anon. said:

How was it made


21. On 2012-04-06, anon. said:

How was it made


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