2009-06-04 : the Apocalypse World playtest book

It's a thing. Email me, lumpley at the gmail dot com.

1. On 2009-06-04, Meserach said:



2. On 2009-06-05, Christian Griffen said:

Ditto! :)


3. On 2009-06-05, Matt Wilson said:

Right on, Vx.


4. On 2009-06-05, Motipha said:

ooo, yes please?


5. On 2009-06-05, Vincent said:

Hey Motipha, email me, I'll set you up.


6. On 2009-06-06, Christian Griffen said:

Alright, I've read through it once, and I'm deeply enamored. Not only is the overall style something that really hits a sweet spot for me, but there are so many little things that I really like—frex, the thing in the Brainer's move that works with mutual or 1-sided intimacy. So much potential there :)

Also, the large number of examples is much appreciated.

Overall, I can't wait to try it out. I'm actually going to suggest this as my group's next game, after our current PTA season.


7. On 2009-06-08, Sean Musgrave said:

I'm wondering if anyone would be down for a playtest online.


8. On 2009-06-10, Mathieu Leocmach said:

If you mean people far away from their old chaps, I abide by the definition.


9. On 2009-06-10, Charles Perez said:

Looking over the rules and test driving them, I get the impression that this game is one setting hack away from being the Sin City roleplaying game. The big thing Sin City and post apocalyptic horror/thriller have in common is the need to act decisively and effectively on behalf of what matters most to you when there is no social order to protect you (in Sin City, the social order is seemingly there, but doesn't protect).


10. On 2010-12-14, Espatier said:

Wow, talk about being late for a party. I have asked to join a game on but was asked buy before I play. Didn't seem bad at 15.00 but would you buy a computer, car or anything else if you were never going to use it again?.

So, I'm asking nicely about your play testers packer and HOPING that you will consider letting me have one.


11. On 2010-12-15, Vincent said:

Email me, lumpley at the gmail. I'll see what I can do for you.

Let me first encourage you to check this out, though: Happy Epimas! Until the 24th, your $15 goes a lot farther.


12. On 2010-12-15, Espatier said:

See, I feel better about it already. Thank you Vincent


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