2009-10-13 : Words Invented by Sebastian

If Eppy hadn't already made a time travel game, I would, because:

Almost guaranteed to appear in my next game of Apocalypse World:

What's the most dangerous cookie?
A ninjabread man

1. On 2009-10-13, Jason L Blair said:

Is this the same kid who came up with Red Sky AM? Cuz, man, _that name_.


2. On 2009-10-13, Ben Lehman said:

In the story The Ninjabread Man when the fox tries to eat him it turns out he's just a log.



3. On 2009-10-13, Vincent said:

Jason: Same kid. I know it.


4. On 2009-10-13, Jason L Blair said:

If nothing else, the kid's got a great future in advertising.

Yesternauts? That's ridiculously cool. So cool, it's not only the name, it's why he'd do a time-travel game period.


5. On 2009-10-13, anon. said:


There should be a whole game based on bad puns. It reminds me of a Marcus Rowland scenario, which was entirely based on the right to arm bears. It had lots of bears with guns.



6. On 2009-10-13, misuba said:

There's no such thing as a great future in advertising.


7. On 2009-10-13, Jim Henley said:

Meanwhile! Life imitates art!


8. On 2009-10-14, Tim Ralphs said:

Do pigmaggots mature into hogflies? Damn. I bet they're a devil when they swarm. Best to eat them young while they're still squiming and oink-ing.


9. On 2009-10-16, Sean Musgrave said:

Ninjabread Man is also the awesome title for a disappointing mid 2000's video game


10. On 2009-10-20, Simon Rogers said:

Cockmonkeys featured heavily in a our last game. As in, an untranslated remark made by an NPC about a PC to another PC. "Who's your little cockmonkey?"


11. On 2009-10-21, Epinaut said:

I'm a sucker for any word with the -naut suffix.


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