2009-11-27 : Testing the Migration

Testing, testing.

Update: The Forge is live.
The Forge Bookshelf is live.
The indie-rpgs unstore is live.

Still in process: articles & reviews

1. On 2009-11-28, Vincent said:



2. On 2009-11-29, buzz said:

The articles and such will return, yes?


3. On 2009-11-29, Vincent said:



4. On 2009-11-30, Ben Lehman said:

Is there an ETA on the bookshelf? I'm trying to decide whether to personally e-mail everyone their PDFs or wait for the bookshelf to be up. If it'll be up in a day or so, I'll wait.


5. On 2009-11-30, Joshua A.C. Newman said:

The Un-Store is fucking fantastic! Thank you!


6. On 2009-11-30, Vincent said:

The Forge Bookshelf: Wednesday or I die trying.

Thanks, J!


7. On 2009-12-01, Vincent said:

The bookshelf is up.


8. On 2009-12-01, Ben Lehman said:



9. On 2009-12-02, Ben Lehman said:

Wow, the bookshelf is *flying* Thanks a ton.


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