2010-02-08 : Seriously like the blink of an eye

Here's a pretty remarkable thing, to me at least. These are all Forge threads.

Shadows - Sebastian's 5.

The Nighttime Animals Save the World - Sebastian's 6.

Side-scrolling Anthropomorphic Limbo Universalis! - Sebastian's 6, Elliot's 3.

Prydain, the Hobbit, Pendragon ... Fun for Kids! - Sebastian's 7, Elliot's 4.

[The Big Night] Sheckleton's Sacrifice - Sebastian's 8, Elliot's 5.

Monsters! Monsters! - Sebastian's 9, Elliot's 6.

[Galactic] Character creation for Seb's new game! - Sebastian's 10, Elliot's 7.

With combined race and class, choose from 7 unique character types! - Sebastian's 11, Elliot's 7.

[Storming the Wizard's Tower] Times 10! - Sebastian's 12.

We're playing Pokemon Sorcerer - Sebastian's 13, Elliot's 9, Tovey's 4.

(All but the last are archival threads now - please don't post to them!)

These days, Sebastian's also running a bunch of Storming the Wizard's Tower and Mouse Guard for Elliot and his friend Josh.

1. On 2010-02-08, John Mc said:

Remarkable and also adorable.


2. On 2010-02-08, Meguey said:

Playing with all three kids was serious fun, and I'm looking forward to playing again. Also, holy crap they are getting big! :)


3. On 2010-02-09, Emily said:

What a wonderful record. It's amazing watching them grow. They are one of my favorite playgroups. So creative!

I wrote up some of our pretend here a ways back too:
Pretend with Sebastian and Elliot (Seb's 9, Elliot's 5?)


4. On 2010-02-09, Matt Wilson said:

Holy crap, that's an unnerving time machine.


5. On 2010-02-10, Matthijs said:

Thanks for posting all these through the years, V, they've been very inspirational!

I've got three kids myself (8, 4 and 1). We role-play occasionally, and I usually write about it; it's strange and fun to read back and see what we did a year (or two or three or four) back.

I find role-playing happens spontaneously, in clusters, so that sometimes we play every day for nearly a week, other times months pass.


6. On 2010-02-11, Paul T. said:

The future is getting so weird. Imagine what it's like for a kid to be able to go back ten or twenty years and read about people's analysis of their gameplay when they were in elementary school.*

And it's happening in every way: photos, videos, chat logs, etc... soon we'll be able to review just about everything we were ever involved in. Who needs books and memoirs anymore?

There are so many things about this that are weird and creepy and so many that are cool and fascinating.

*: And if people are still arguing endlessly about Creative Agenda by that time, there will be some interesting discussions...


7. On 2010-03-16, Jeph said:

Sebastion is now as old as I was when I started posting on the Forge.


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