2010-02-15 : Apocalypse World publication plans

This month: Character Playbooks

I'll put fully-revised character playbooks online at the end of the month, or sooner if it keeps going like it's been going.

I think you'll really like the new Hx rules.

March: GameStorm Preview Edition

I'll have a preview edition of the Master of Ceremony's Playbook for sale at GameStorm. This'll be a problematic, transitional kind of book, no doubt full of orphans both typographical and conceptual. Consequently I'm going to make like 20 copies and sell them for dinner-out cash, like in the old days, with a coupon for the summer release.

I have no plans to make this edition generally available, although I might make an exception for the game's playtesters (who have been very good to me).

April: Playtesting Wrap-up

By the end of April I need to be writing really-final text, so that's the end of playtesting. March and April should bring any probs with (eg) the new Hx rules to light.

I'll also give the playtesters their prize: a new character playbook not available to the general public. It'll be available first to playtesters, then preorderers, and only occasionally thereafter. We've been playing with it and it's quite, quite hot.

May-June: Making the Book

Final rewrites, editing, proofing, illos, book design. Don't expect to hear much from me in May-June.

July: Premiere

For sale in July. Maybe even a DexCon premiere, we'll see. I wouldn't rule it out.

What's safe to say, though, is the usual: preorders in July, to ship August 1st (with the prize), with a con premiere at GenCon.


1. On 2010-02-26, Christian Griffen said:

I'll have to hunt you down first thing at GS to make sure I get my hands on one of these :)


2. On 2010-02-27, Brand Robins said:

Damnit! I finally get interested in playtesting just too late to do you any good.

Oh well. I'll tell you everything you did wrong once you publish it. ;)


3. On 2010-02-27, Robert Bohl said:

Looks like our games will be coming out together. I think I'll have mine be remora to your shark.


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