2010-02-25 : Revised Apocalypse World Playbooks

Hey, any Apocalypse World players who aren't closely following the ecretsay ogblay, there's a new post there you might want to check out. I've uploaded a new full revision of the character playbooks.

1. On 2010-02-25, odhinnfist said:


2. On 2010-05-24, Amy Fox said:

I am looking forward to this game, but I have a reservation that makes me not want to buy or play it at a con.

I'm a butch dyke (i.e. "ambiguous," "concealed" or "transgressive"), and, like most people, I gravitate towards playing characters of roughly my own gender. I also like seeing queer characters in games. So I was at first happy to see some interesting gender options on the character books. But for several classes, there are only the two usual options, which is weird because I see queers filling these roles in fiction. This is kinda worse than just limiting the options to male and female overall, as it implies that the gender-bent are not to be found in these roles. It makes me want to avoid this at a con for fear of some MC saying, "sorry, no dykes on bikes, dapper butch operators, andro-lesbian community matriarchs, etcetera; so femme it up or leave." Why's it written like that? Would you consider opening things up a bit?

If you want examples, I recommend reading Doc and Fluff for a good queer apocalypse.


3. On 2010-05-24, Vincent said:

Fantastic, thank you! Amy!

Your comment shows that I've missed communicating the implications I was shooting for. Without ever thinking very hard about it, I just figured that listing man and woman under "looks" would imply an available baseline of casual transgression. No reason you couldn't choose "looks: man" for a female character, for instance.

But making it explicit will mean that it won't rely upon people reading my mind. Consider it done.


4. On 2010-05-24, Vincent said:

Oh and especially thank you for pointing it out to me while the game's still in pre-publication. You've saved me some grief down the line.


5. On 2010-05-24, Amy Fox said:


I'm always happy to do a gendery review of things.

Partially off topic: the clear communication around sex-roles was one of the reasons I liked Dogs so much.


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