2010-04-26 : Attachment creates suffering

A short play by me.

Scene 1: one month ago

Vincent, Ben, Carl, Alexis and friend have eaten. They're poking at the remains with chopsticks, groaning with pleasure.

Vincent: This is depressing.
Vincent: [takes a tiny pinch of ma bo dofu, eats it, closes his eyes and sighs, mouth tingling numb and burning deliciously]
Ben: Depressing? You're nuts.

Scene 2: right now

Vincent is sitting at his desk at work, thinking about what he can't have for lunch.

Vincent: [to no one] See? I knew it was depressing.


1. On 2010-04-26, Vincent said:

I'm sorry I've forgotten Ben and Alexis' friend's name.


2. On 2010-04-26, Ben Lehman said:


Also, it's Ma Po Tofu (plosives sound pretty similar, but I'm incapable of not pointing these things out.)

Also, this builds character.


3. On 2010-04-26, Mathieu Leocmach said:

In japanese it's the way Vincent wrote it.


4. On 2010-04-27, Simon C said:

Hey! Mathieu, you're right!

That's weird. I always heard it called Mapo Tofu in Japan, but looking online at mix-packet pictures, they all have a "bo" rather than a "po".

So strange.


5. On 2010-04-27, Ben Lehman said:

Plosives are basically interchangeable.



6. On 2010-04-27, Chris said:

So you were pre-depressed anticipating the future depression of thinking of the past?


7. On 2010-04-27, Vincent said:

Foresightful of me, wasn't it?


8. On 2010-04-27, Chris Chinn said:

As long as you have something to look forward to!

(I'm the same Chris above, but seeing how there's another Chris running around, I'll just sign my last name from here on out).


9. On 2010-04-27, Brand Robins said:

I had this play happen to me last Thursday when I went out for Indian.


10. On 2010-04-28, Joel said:

Foresightful indeed! How's that working out for you?


11. On 2010-04-28, Joe McDonald said:

This is the saddest play I have ever read.


12. On 2010-04-28, Josh W said:

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but it's no bloody use!


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