2010-05-18 : A penultimate push

Yeah, enough gagging the lolly and dallying the dilly.

T minus 15.

1. On 2010-05-18, Vincent said:

Holy crap why did I think that T minus 15 was a good idea? It was supposed to be T minus 20. WE ARE GO FOR PANIC.


2. On 2010-05-18, Teataine said:



3. On 2010-05-18, Meguey said:

I guess I'll lay in a supply of soup, ramen, and kid movies for the next two weeks :)


4. On 2010-05-18, Elizabeth said:

Woohoo! If you need another pair of eyes, let me know.


5. On 2010-05-18, Ben Lehman said:

Meg, you just made me go "ahw ..."



6. On 2010-05-18, Seth Ben-Ezra said:

This is Apocalypse World, yeah?


7. On 2010-05-18, Vincent said:



8. On 2010-05-18, Scott LeMien said:

Oh. I thought this was for Storming.


9. On 2010-05-18, Vincent said:

Storming the Wizard's Tower is simmering until Apocalypse World is done. Storming the Wizard's Tower needs very serious reworking and a whole new round of playtesting—expect a call for playtesters in the fall or winter.


10. On 2010-05-18, Sydney Freedberg said:

And then you'll do Red Sky A.M.! And then Ron will rewrite Sorcerer! And then I will publish a game of some sort! AND THEN FREE COWS WILL RAIN FROM THE SKY FOR EVERYONE.


11. On 2010-05-18, Joshua A.C. Newman said:

Mm. Beefrain.


12. On 2010-05-18, Meguey said:

I don't suppose you could have befrained from saying that, eh J?


13. On 2010-05-18, Joao said:

T = fantastic news!

sweet on both accounts (Aw and StWt)

mind if i ask: and AW: Dragon Killer, for when?

before, after or during StWT?


14. On 2010-05-19, Vincent said:

Who knows!


15. On 2010-05-19, marknau said:

+ moral support and enthusiasm from this quarter!


16. On 2010-05-19, Jeff Russell said:


Even though the preview books are long gone, any chance to pre-pre-order? Cos I'll pay for Ramen and kid movies happily


17. On 2010-05-19, Diogo (RPL) said:

Go Vincent go Vicent go!
Go Vincent go Vicent go!

I'm really looking forward for AW.

Also, iIve played a draft of StWT with a group of players who really enjoyed it and we are dying to get our hands on the full version, so let us know when you need playtesters :)


18. On 2010-05-19, Mathieu Leocmach said:

Good luck !


19. On 2010-05-19, Tim Ralphs said:


Ah, pre-order as a birthday present. The year is kind.


20. On 2010-05-20, Joel said:

Did beefrain cause the Apocalypse or did the Apocalypse cause the beefrain? The world may never know.



21. On 2010-05-22, Christoffer said:

This is awesome news! Both about AW and StWT!

Vincent, does this mean that Afraid is abandoned without hope of ever getting to feel the tender touch of your brain again?


22. On 2010-05-22, Vincent said:

Well I do someday need to design a straight-up horror game. How much of Afraid will survive in it, though, who knows?


23. On 2010-05-24, Vincent said:

Publishing games is way harder than designing games. Just so you know.


24. On 2010-05-24, Gregor said:

I hear ya. God speed, Vx.


25. On 2010-05-24, Matt Snyder said:

I'm very eager to get my hands on this. Missed the show so far.


26. On 2010-05-24, Simon R said:

Designing games is way harder than publishing games. Just so you know back.


27. On 2010-05-25, framweard said:

Is this a countdown to preorders, or release?!

Either way, very excited!


28. On 2010-05-25, Vincent said:

Uh oh!

This is the second-to-last push before preorders and the PDF release. The last push after this will be short, a further 10 days or something.

So: at this moment we're about 3 weeks from PDF release and print preorders.


29. On 2010-05-25, Mathieu Leocmach said:

Vincent #23 : you just want to frighten me, right ?


30. On 2010-05-25, Marhault said:

I don't know, Vincent.  I've seen you fail to finish designing games, but I've never seen you fail to publish one once it's finished.


31. On 2010-05-26, Markus said:

Vincent, even if real life hassles blocked the playtesting sessions I promised to you, half of my regular gaming group is definitely placing preorders as soon as it's possible. We're psyched about this game!


32. On 2010-05-26, Michael Pfaff said:

I don't get it. So... What's this countdown for again? What happens in 8 days exactly?


33. On 2010-05-26, Vincent said:

In 8 days (7 days now) the book's body is done. Then I give it an index (and in the process, a last proofing pass), fiddle with the cover, fiddle with the character playbooks, fiddle with the MC sheets, make some pricing decisions, make some logistical decisions, put off some logistical decisions that I really oughta make now, change my mind about some of the illustrations, change it back, change it again for reals, get into pointless arguments on the internet to take my mind off it, and have GenCon anxiety dreams every damn night.

After that I open preorders.


34. On 2010-05-26, Tim Ralphs said:

Really GenCon anxiety dreams?


35. On 2010-05-26, Ben Lehman said:

I haven't been to GenCon since 2007. I still get GenCon anxiety dreams.


36. On 2010-05-26, Vincent said:

To be honest, they're about half GenCon anxiety dreams and half just generalized con anxiety dreams. Two nights ago it was a GameStorm anxiety dream, which is funny, since GameStorm is past and was big fun.

And they aren't really every night. Like, I've had 4 or 5 in May, not 20+.

But yes, really. "Here I am at GenCon. Oh no! Where are my books to sell? I didn't bring any! And I didn't arrange a room! Am I at a booth? WHY AM I AT A BOOTH WITH NO BOOKS?"


37. On 2010-05-27, framweard said:

I am totally psyched for this release. Not sure when I'll get to run or play it, but rest assured I will be ordering a .pdf and pre-ordering the printed book!


38. On 2010-05-27, Michael Pfaff said:

Awesome. Thanks for the clarification.


39. On 2010-05-27, Julia said:

That, "Here I am at GenCon. Oh no! Where are my books to sell? I didn't bring any!..." dream came true for me the last time I went to GenCon. I no longer have anxiety dreams about game conventions. Maybe I'll go to GenCon next year.


40. On 2010-05-27, Alex said:

Hi !

Will the order be available for France ? Extra shipping cost I assume ?


41. On 2010-05-29, Vincent said:

Alex: sure thing.

04! That's nuts. I can't possibly have this thing done in 04 more days. CAN'T POSSIBLY.


42. On 2010-05-29, Christian Griffen said:

Hey Vincent,

In case you didn't see it, I posted a couple of questions on the Gamestorm playbook post. It'd be cool if I could have an answer on the "do we change highlighted traits, and if so, when and how" question before Monday :)



43. On 2010-06-02, Christoffer said:



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