2010-06-20 : Welcome to the Preapocalypse!

I'm taking Apocalypse World preorders and pre-print PDF orders, starting now.

For announcements, logistics, questions, etc., please visit barf forth apocalyptica, the Apocalypse World webforums.

You can find free downloads, some not yet quite current, at

1. On 2010-06-20, Vincent said:

Oh! This is important. If you playtested the game or bought the preview edition, but you aren't going to preorder or buy the pre-print PDFs, EMAIL ME. I have a present for you.

It's the Maestro D' PDFs. If you are preordering, you'll get them anyway, although of course I welcome you to email me even so.


2. On 2010-06-21, Christian Griffen said:

Thanks for the quick setup on the Forge Shelf.  Going through the PDF now—I'm liking the changes I see so far :)

Knowing I'll get the physical copy soon makes it possible for me to hand off the preview version to one of my old friends in Germany, with whom I roleplayed all through my teenage years.  That's good timing.


3. On 2010-06-21, Weeks said:

So, how long did it take to sell 100 copies?


4. On 2010-06-21, Markus said:

Thanks for the quick answer! I can't wait to go through it.


5. On 2010-06-21, Alex said:

Done, but I have one question : where is the PDF available ?


6. On 2010-06-21, Alex said:

Ok, the last post is just because I can't wait. I have receveid the mail. Now, reading !


7. On 2010-06-22, Vincent said:

Weeks: What's it been now, 30 hours? 30 hours.


8. On 2010-06-22, Scott LeMien said:

I bought it. Every damn game you write seems to break down ideal play so clearly that I can't afford to miss it. Ever think of just making a system neutral book on just rpg play? You must get this a lot, right?


9. On 2010-06-22, Vincent said:

People ask for that occasionally, yeah. I don't really know what you (or they) mean. In my mind, "system" and "roleplaying" are so inextricable, I don't know how to talk about the latter without designing the former. I don't know what would be in that book!


10. On 2010-06-22, Vincent said:

Somebody asked, so:

At this moment, 2:10pm Eastern, June 22, I've processed all preorders and pre-print PDF orders. If you've put in an order but you haven't gotten the authorization form letter, EMAIL ME. I'll fix it. You shouldn't be waiting!

I'll stay, like, minute-to-minute on top of orders until around 5:00 this afternoon. After that, you'll have to wait until after midnight, maybe until morning.

But right now, nobody should be waiting. If you are, something's gone wrong and you should let me know right away.

Thanks, everybody!


11. On 2010-06-22, Seth Ben-Ezra said:

"I don't know what would be in that book!"

How about "Be excellent to each other"? Everything else tends to be game-specific. ;-)


12. On 2010-06-23, Mathieu Leocmach said:

I don't know what would be in that book!

Small illustrative games like Rock of Tahamaat, with a few pages to make each design point clear.

Well...your blog is great afterall. :D


13. On 2010-06-23, Alexander D. said:

Come to think of it, a book distilling your design insight from posts on Anyway, stuff on the old hardcore theory section, posts on various forums, and comments on Anyway could be interesting.

Include the Otherkind dice, Rock of Tahamaat, and maybe a few other small games, and...

It'd probably be a pretty hefty task to sift through all of your stuff, but I think it'd be interesting and I wouldn't be surprised if people would buy it.

"The Best of Vincent Baker"? Hmmmm...


14. On 2010-06-24, Diogo (RPL) said:


I wanted to post an announcement on a Portuguese RPG site I always hangout about Apocalypse World, but I can't seem to find anywhere what the game is actually about.

Vincent, could you post just some lines about the game (kind of like a sales pitch), so I could get my friends interested in playing AW?

Thank you.

All the best,


15. On 2010-06-28, misuba said: is indeed a bit light on "hey, here's what this game is." is that on a final-product-shipping kinda timetable?


16. On 2010-06-29, Larry said:

Three minutes is a COMPLETELY ACCEPTABLE turnaround time on an order, I think. Thanks!

My enthusiasm about now having this on my hard drive can only be expressed in primitive, guttural howling noises.


17. On 2010-06-30, Mathieu Leocmach said:

+1 with Diogo. I know this game must be good, but a pitch is missing. Unless I read the whole character sheets, I don't know what this game is about.


18. On 2010-06-30, Vincent said:

I probably won't have a good pitch for the game until I learn what it is at GenCon. GenCon is magic that way.

I don't mind if people wait to buy it. I'm not in a rush—I've gotten as many preorders as I need, and and holy cow then some. In fact, if there were another big surge now, it would give me OTHER hassles and I'd close preorders down.


19. On 2010-07-05, Vincent said:

Oh by the way, it's been 2 weeks, and I'm just north of 200 preorders. Couldn't be happier!


20. On 2010-07-07, Christian Griffen said:

Congratulations—the game definitely deserves it.


21. On 2010-07-09, Luthurian said:

Is this game going to be at Gen Con Indy in August, or is my only way to get it via the unstore?

New to indie RPGs and just spent a couple hours Googling about your game - and i am stoked!!  First time I've felt this way about an RPG system in a very long time.


22. On 2010-07-09, Vincent said:

Oh, yes! It'll be at GenCon, at the booth I'm sharing with Adept Press. If I were an organized human being I'd tell you the booth number but I'm not one.


23. On 2010-07-09, Luthurian said:

That's good enough for me.  I'll see you there, and buy your stuff.


24. On 2010-07-12, Gregor H said:

Booth 1730 is the Adept Press booth.


25. On 2010-07-12, Vincent said:

Hooray! Thanks, Gregor.


26. On 2010-07-16, Jay Loomis said:

I just got around to downloading and reading the bonus Maestro D'. It made me smile a big stupid smile. Thanks! I needed that!


27. On 2011-12-28, Starhawk said:

Oy, somehow that spambot made that comment spam go out over your RSS feed.  Booooooooo.


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