2010-06-28 : Itchy pants

Know my problem? I got itchy pants.

The Apocalypse World PDF isn't even final-final yet, and already I'm (a) designing a new board game, and (b) getting excited about working on Storming the Wizard's Tower again. Excited like looking at the old files and planning out my approach, starting to clear space in my mental schedule, wondering which of my friends will be willing to playtest with me, reminding myself that I really ought not dig into it until Apocalypse World is at the printer, at least.

The fundamental differences between MCing Apocalypse World and GMing Storming the Wizard's Tower are exciting to me. I can't wait to bring the lessons I've learned from designing for the former to bear on designing for the latter. Can't wait!

1. On 2010-06-28, Alex said:

Looks like we have the same problem, except that I don't write my games ;)


2. On 2010-06-28, Simon C said:

I hear you! I've got mountains of things to do to get On Mighty Thews polished and off to print, but I'm already playtesting a new thing. It feels like a kind of adultery - leaving my old partner at home to sneak off with my exciting new lover. It doesn't help that the new game is called "Dungeonfuckers" and is super fun.


3. On 2010-06-28, Paul T. said:

Vincent, would you say that the main differences between the GM roles in AW and Storming are mainly differences of style and tone ("what does the game feel like") or rather of the fundamental duties of the GM?

Of course, there are differences in both those areas, but I wonder which you consider more significant and why.


4. On 2010-06-28, Elizabeth said:

wondering which of my friends will be willing to playtest with me,

me me me

(If you're not sick of me by now)


5. On 2010-06-29, Jesse Burneko said:


So... obviously you have your own creative priorities straightened out but I was wondering if you were ever planning on revisiting, "Synthia".

I tracked a copy of it down a couple of weeks ago and I'm really enamored with it.  I might even try to play it as is.  But I wondered if you had any interest in developing it further?



6. On 2010-06-29, Alexander D. said:

My main game-partner is skeptical, but I'm super-excited about Storming.

New board game sounds promising, too. And I'd offer to help playtest either or both, but an hour and a half drive is a lot for a guy with no car. Haha.


7. On 2010-06-29, Tim Ralphs said:

Is this the dying, maddening Emperor board game?


8. On 2010-06-29, Vincent said:

Paul T: Good question! In Apocalypse World terms:

- Storming the Wizard's Tower's GM shares one and a half agendas with Apocalypse World's MC. ("Make StWT-world seem real" and half of "Play to find out what happens.")

- Storming the Wizard's Tower's GM's always say is the same as Apocalypse World's MC's.

- I haven't looked through the principles, but I'd guess them to be better than 50% in common. In accordance with Carrie B.'s rule, I'll say three fifths in common.

So that's some significant differences in fundamental duties. The game might sometimes be very similar in style and tone, sometimes very different, but it's the structural difference I'm excited about.


9. On 2010-06-29, Scott LeMien said:

Looking forward to the games that arise from your itchy pants dance!


10. On 2010-06-29, Teataine said:

Yay, Storming! And don't forget to finish Dragon Killer and Knife & Candle, itchy-pants-man.

Anyway it seems a lot of us have the same problem. I'm halfway into playtesting one game, halfway into writing two and there are at least half a dozen concepts queued in my notebook.


11. On 2010-06-29, Meguey said:

I think it's the blessing of a creative mind. I have a dozen artistic things in various stages and divers media. Not enough time, never enough time...


12. On 2010-06-29, Jeff Russell said:

I'm just gonna second what Gregor said. I'm working on like 2 or 3 hacks, I cooked something up for Little Game Chef, and my 'main effort' is still technically in alpha testing. On the one hand I feel like I should focus and make sure I really accomplish things, on the other hand I don't want to squash creative ideas by telling them to sit down and shut up and wait their turn.

I guess successful creative types balance those two urges.


13. On 2010-06-30, Roger said:

Barf forth rustica.


14. On 2010-07-05, Josh W said:

You could do what I do when dealing with boring things: Give myself like 20 minutes from when I wake up to get down all the new creative stuff I came up with while asleep, and then make a deal with myself to do an hour of whatever rubbish/monotonous stuff I need to do before I get back to that. I find just being able to jot down stuff opens just enough working memory to get the other stuff done.


15. On 2010-07-05, Wundergeek said:

Dude! I so identify with this. So I'm working on a revised edition of TABAW right now. When I was finishing the first draft for editing, I kept working on the outline of the novel that I've been planning off and on for too long now - to the point that I had to forbid myself from working on it until the draft was done just so I'd finish. Now that I'm waiting for it to be edited, I was going to start writing said novel but I got distracted by designing the bones of a card game. And during all of this, I have guilt for letting Black Sky languish for so long. Curses!

I think Meg's right. It's the curse of having a creative brain - creative energy is easily diverted.


16. On 2010-07-07, Torre said:



17. On 2010-07-08, Larry said:

Try fabric softener in your laundry?


18. On 2010-07-13, Joshua A.C. Newman said:

I'm trying to get my ABSURD SECRET PROJECT finished, but man, I want to get writing for reals on Human Contact. So I did. It did not get ABSURD SECRET PROJECT closer to finished.


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