2010-08-11 : Apocalypse World preorders

So we managed to get about half of the preorders out between last Monday when I picked up the books and last Tuesday when I left for GenCon. We'll get the rest out tomorrow or Friday.

Oh, and if your book arrives damaged, drop me a line, of course I'll replace it. We're switching up to sturdier packaging. Sorry!

1. On 2010-08-11, Tim Ralphs said:

You, sir, are an Apocalypse packaging machine. Very excited!


2. On 2010-08-12, C. Edwards said:

Indeed! Got mine today. A little dinged up but nothing I wouldn't have done to it myself while giving it a thorough reading.

You may want to keep an eye out for any binding issues though. When I took mine out of the envelope I noticed that some page sections weren't attached to the binding as well as others. But hopefully it's more sturdy than it looks. *crosses fingers*


3. On 2010-08-16, Vincent said:

Let me know how it holds up. It's a cool spine - hollow core, I think it's called - and it probably IS sturdier than it seems. The copies I've tested have been fine.

If it does fall apart, I'll replace it.


4. On 2010-08-16, C. Edwards said:

Almost done reading and it looks fine. I think it was just some superficial damage from shipping.

I dig the hollow spine, btw. Should really help increase the longevity of book.


5. On 2010-08-17, Michael Pfaff said:

Eagerly anticipating the arrival of my copy. :)


6. On 2010-08-25, B. Haines said:

Have all the preorders shipped? Should I be worried if I didn't get mine yet? Ack!


7. On 2010-08-27, Ludanto said:

Same here.  Should I be expecting it soon?


8. On 2010-08-27, Vincent said:

All of the preorders are away and most of the regular orders are just barely away. Time to worry is: a week from now.



9. On 2010-08-28, Vincent said:

And, except for the orders I received yesterday and today, all Apocalypse Worlds are in the mail. Hooray!

It was herculean. Sometime during the process the game passed 500 copies sold. Exciting!


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