2010-08-02 : GenCon bound

Hey, if you're coming to GenCon Indy this weekend, swing by booth 1730 and say hi.

There have been occasions in the past, like at GameStorm this spring, when someone's wanted to meet me but I looked too busy so they didn't come introduce themselves. Alas! I'm never too busy to meet someone, so don't hesitate.

I believe we'll also be doing some casual topical discussions at the booth this year, not just demo-demo-demo. If there's something you'd like to talk to me (and/or Ron) about, come by. Theory, design, publishing, whatever. If you have a game in development you'd like us to take a look at, bring it, maybe we'll get the chance.

See you there!

1. On 2010-08-03, Luke said:

Hi neighbor!


2. On 2010-08-04, Vincent said:

Hi neighbor!


3. On 2010-08-04, Luke said:

I'm excited about your in-booth discussions. Jared and I are going to heckle!


4. On 2010-08-04, Vincent said:



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