2010-08-15 : Apocalypse World

Apocalypse World
If you're here looking for Apocalypse World, I can set you up. Go to:
- for free downloads;
- Night Sky Games to buy;
- barf forth apocalyptica for discussions & hacks.

1. On 2010-08-15, Vincent said:

It's Apocalypse World's first review!

Barf Forth Apocalyptica! Review: Apocalypse World by The Chatty DM


2. On 2010-08-16, Andrew-UK said:

John Harper (author of this years ENnie nominated "Lady Blackbird") is getting into Apocalypse World with a great idea.

Sounds like it might be fun.


3. On 2010-08-26, Vincent said:

4. On 2010-08-27, Vincent said:

Another review, this one focusing on the broad applicability of the game's GM stuff: The Book of Vincent: GMing Apocalypse World.

The MC is not a GM that is specific to Apocalypse World, but rather is a more universal type of GM who?s player-centric focus would be at home in nearly any game system and in front of any group. The MC is a great model for an improv GM. With it?s focus on player actions, and with a list of Principles and Moves, it provides the improv GM with a framework to play within.


5. On 2011-10-23, g. moraes said:


We are a publisher house in Brazil we want to start a dialogue about the possibility to bring Apocalypse World. to Brasil.

We sent an email using the account

Please, if you can, take a look on it.


6. On 2012-03-12, BigEyes said:

So your work on Poisoned, how do you feel that someone has taken that basis and creative content.
Making their own game for publishing and business, using assets of yours.

That at some point they supplied pdf files en mass online.


7. On 2012-03-12, Vincent said:

Do you mean that they supplied Poison'd PDFs online, or their own PDFs? If Poison'd PDFs, can you email me a link?

Unless they're giving away my actual work, there's nothing on that site I can object to. They're using maybe a couple of ideas from one of my games, but pff, all ideas are always free. It's work that has value.


8. On 2012-06-01, lcx said:

Hello Vincent,

I've been trying to reach you by email in recent months but I didn't get any reply from you. Can you please check your spam for m.sabat [at] gmail?



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