2010-10-02 : 31 horror flicks in 31 days

I give it 1 in 10 that I get to watch 31 horror flicks during October. I'll be lucky to make it to 15. But right now I'm halfway through Altered, which if you know me you know is scaring me.

Since we're here, though, check out Final Girl Support Group. It's my new go-to blog for horror movie news, reviews, and opinions.

1. On 2010-10-02, Micah said:

Great idea.

If you are in need of recommendations, The Changeling is a great horror film. It's actually scary, as opposed to just gory or disturbing like many horror films these days.

Good luck.


2. On 2010-10-02, Jonathan Reiter said:

May I suggest Cannibal Holocaust?


3. On 2010-10-03, Ron Edwards said:

Early Cronenberg rocks the house. My top choices:
The Brood

Do not sit down and watch the original The Omen, The Exorcist, and Rosemary's Baby BY YOURSELF without ever having seen them before, over the course of a few days. I did this.


4. On 2010-10-03, Simon C said:

As someone who really doesn't enjoy scary movies (because I get too scared), I'm interested in what people enjoy about them. What's fun about them? Is it that you enjoy the experience of being scared?


5. On 2010-10-03, ara said:

I just watched Altered.

Simon C: What do you mean by scary? Most scary movies make me laugh because they are so horribly done. So yeah, I usually watch them for laughs.


6. On 2010-10-04, Vincent said:

1. Altered
2. The Other Side
3. Netherbeast Incorporated
4. Left In Darkness
5. Legend of the Guardians: the Owls of Ga'Hoole
Just kidding.
5. Carriers


7. On 2010-10-04, gbsteve said:

Simon's son has been reading the first 5. above. It's certainly very strange in parts. My favourite actually scary film is Carpenter's Prince of Darkness although I'm a big fan of purportedly scary films too.


8. On 2010-10-04, Meguey said:

I like plenty of suspense (The Others, Sixth Sense, Wait Until Dark, 28 Days, Jacob's Ladder) and I like procedurals (Primal Fear, Presumed Innocent, Witness for the Prosecution). I also like Reservoir Dogs, so there you go, but I don't, as a general rule, like gore in a movie, so that cuts out a huge swath of 'horror'. I think why I don't like more horror is that the images stay in my head so long, and I don't want them there.


9. On 2010-10-04, Vincent said:

A couple of thoughts so far.

Altered was pretty good for its first hour, because of its gradually-emerging backstory, although its writing never quite rose to it. For its last 40 minutes, though, it was the same as any other movie of its kind. Blah.

Netherbeast Incorporated was strange. I've been a fan of Steve Burns for most of my adult life, funny as that seems. It was strange to see him again. There, however, is a guy with timing.

Carriers was the least zombirific zombie movie I've seen. Probably a less zombirific zombie movie wouldn't be a zombie movie at all. I liked it; it was a good restorative after the pap of Left in Darkness and The Other Side.


10. On 2010-10-05, Bret said:

I can't remember anything about Altered except that it completely fell apart for me about halfway through as horror movies often do.

Good luck with the 31 in 31!


11. On 2010-10-06, Vincent said:

6. Masters of Horror: Tobe Hooper: The Damned Thing
7. Lake Mungo

Holy crap Lake Mungo is scary and good. It goes on the seriously scary and good list.


12. On 2010-10-06, Bret said:

The end of Lake Mungo was seriously unsettling for me. She never left, they just gave up on her. Ugh. It definitely stuck with me.


13. On 2010-10-06, Jennifer Rodgers said:

Oh, I was going to recommend Mungo! I'm super happy to see you beat me to it. There's a particular bit of footage in that one that scares me at night. I'd call it my horror movie of this year. <3


14. On 2010-10-06, C. Edwards said:

I watched The Fourth Kind recently, late at night, without knowing anything about it beforehand. It may only be a mediocre movie but it seriously messed with my head. I think I woke up like every 30 minutes or so all night from the crazy nightmares it gave me.


15. On 2010-10-12, Julia said:

I second The Brood.
I recommended Onmyoji yesterday, I'd add to that Kwaidan.
Chris recommends Monster Club if you want something to watch with the older boys.


16. On 2010-10-13, Vincent said:

Let's see...

8. Jack Ketchum's The Girl Next Door
9. Jack Ketchum's The Lost
10. The Last Winter
11. Borderland

I'm a few behind!

Lake Mungo has made this thing worth it so far. It's stuck with me. What a good movie.


17. On 2010-10-13, Christian Griffen said:

You've probably already seen Let The Right One In, right? If not, highly recommended.

I feel exactly like you, Meguey, by the way.


18. On 2010-10-14, Vincent said:

I have! It's one of my very favorites. I'll almost certainly watch it again before October's done.

12. Paranormal Activity
13. An American Werewolf in London
14. Dreams of Cthulhu: Rough Magik Initiative

Still a day behind.


19. On 2010-10-15, Meguey said:

There are probably a whole bunch of suspense movies I'd actually enjoy that are presented to me (by people or advertising) as horror, so I just skip over them. Sometimes Vincent will say 'I think you'd like this one!', but I remain highly cautious/non-risky.

Another thing - ever since having kids, if the writer uses 'kids in danger' as even a secondary hook, I'm not watching it. And the one thing I -really- dislike about The Accused is that the victim is a kid for no earthly reason at all other than emotional gotcha.


20. On 2010-10-15, Bret said:

Ugh, Paranormal Activity. I thought it was a total stinker.

American Werewolf in London was fun, though. I liked the werewolf in the city mayhem at the end. It was the kind of scene I wanted from Jason Takes Manhattan but did not get.


21. On 2010-10-16, Vincent said:

Paranormal activity WAS a total stinker.

15. Mulberry Street
16. The Wilderness
17. Masters of Horror: Joe Dante: The Screwfly Solution

Mulberry Street is one of my long-time favorites. It may be the most beautiful and sad zombie movie. I love basically everything about it.


22. On 2010-10-16, Bret said:

I love Mulberry Street. I tell everyone in the world to watch it.

The Screwfly Solution is a HARD episode to watch.


23. On 2010-10-17, Vincent said:

I've gotten a little ahead!

18. The Passengers
19. Splice ("Me go too far! Me am play gods!")
20. Monsters
21. Wolfman

And maybe it's time for a break from THAT.


24. On 2010-10-21, Vincent said:

22. The Hills Run Red
23. Ginger Snaps
24. The Tomb

Kind of a fun set. Feeling good about making 31 after all.


25. On 2010-10-21, Vincent said:

25. Frozen

I'm pretty sure that when your leg bones stick out like that, you go into shock long before any wolves come.


26. On 2010-10-22, Bret said:

The wolves were a bit of a stretch, like things weren't horrible enough without them?


27. On 2010-10-23, Vincent said:

Yeah. I wasn't moved by the wolves.

26. 6 Films to Keep You Awake: Spectre

Not a bad flick, but no Lake Mungo.


28. On 2010-10-24, Joshua A.C. Newman said:

You've seen In The Company Of Wolves, right?


29. On 2010-10-25, Vincent said:

A long time ago, I think. It's not on Netflix insta nor on iTunes though so I probably won't catch it this month.

27. The Mist
28. The Thaw

The Mist is an unpleasant movie I don't love but rewatch occasionally. Come to think of it I've seen Cloverfield more than once too, despite not loving it at least as much. And the Spielberg War of the Worlds, same thing. I hadn't realized this about myself, that I love the giant alien monster flicks even when I don't love them. Huh.


30. On 2010-10-27, Bret said:

I love them more for the giant, world-destroying catastrophe than I do for the aliens. It's all apocalypsey.


31. On 2010-10-31, Vincent said:

29. Masters of Horror: Larry Cohen: Pick Me Up
30. Isolation
31. The halloween episode of Community

Analysis to come!


32. On 2010-11-01, Bret said:

I am interested in what you thought of Pick Me Up. It wasn't the greatest but the premise alone was hilarious.


33. On 2010-11-01, Vincent said:

That's exactly what I thought of it! Hilarious premise, basically well-executed = a fun time.


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