2010-10-28 : A horror game pitch

Tovey, 4, pitched a game to me last night. "Dad, I want to make a game with you. It's called Nightmares Under the Basement. It's about 8 kids who explore under the basement. It's like a video game but instead you tell stories and draw."

Problem is, I'm terrified of that game.

1. On 2010-10-28, Jim D said:

Man, if your kids grow up to be RPG designers, I think the world might explode from a singularity of awesome.  Between this and Red Sky A.M....


2. On 2010-10-28, Devin said:

Wait, Nightmares /under/ the Basement?  Have you been letting Tovey delve too deep and too greedily again?


3. On 2010-10-28, Bret said:

More games need drawing. Tovey could pioneer a game design breakthrough.


4. On 2010-10-30, memespawn said:

A happy birthday robot hack?

For a given value of hack where robot is actually Sheb Sugarrah, eater of hearts and pople aren't giving him birthday presents, so much as propriation to try and sate his unearthly lust for devouring time, or other quantum notions?


5. On 2010-11-03, mcdaldno said:

This is a really good game. Tovey should dictate it, with someone in the family scribing for him.

I'd buy a copy of Nightmares Under The Basement, based solely on the pitch provided above.


6. On 2010-11-07, DannyK said:

As a gamer, a dad, and a psychiatrist, I have to say that this is totally fascinating.


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