2010-12-20 : Crazy good PDF sale ending this week!

Hey, in case you missed it: there's a crazy good sale on right now, ending the 24th. Get some new and some classic indie rpg PDFs for very cheap. We have a dozen games we're offering in a variety of bundles, all at low prices. Check it out:

$15 bundles
1. 1,001 Nights, Dread House and Mist-Robed Gate.
2. Bliss Stage, Shock: (with Human Contact Preview) and Time & Temp.
3. Annalise, Apocalypse World and My Life With Master.
4. Blowback, Dogs in the Vineyard and Steal Away Jordan

There are also a couple of 6-game bundles for $25 and the whole tofoose for $40. This is a great deal even if you already own half the games!

What's more, buy a bundle for yourself and we'll deliver the identical bundle to a friend of your choice, as a gift.

Go here: Once Again, Tis the Season!

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