2011-02-13 : Psi*Run Update (with whining)

Psi*Run is in that awful awkward final pre-publication stage where we're juggling text revisions, illustration revisions, the latest playtest feedback, book design sketches, and early publication plans, while the deadlines rush past like the trees of Endor (ha ha I'm a nerd). It's going to be cool when it's done but right now, waaah!

For those of you who don't know, Night Sky Games is publishing Psi*Run, by Meguey Baker, Michael Lingner and Christopher Moore, this spring. I'm doing the book design.

Check out Joe Acone, the illustrator: J. Acone Studios. He's been great to work with. Here's a detail from the value study for the cover.

Poor Mikey! He doesn't know what's happening to him!

1. On 2011-02-13, Vincent said:

For fast-breaking news and more whining, look for #psirun at twitter.


2. On 2011-02-13, Uffe Thorsen said:

About bloody time (in the best possible way).


3. On 2011-02-14, tomg said:

This is great news.  I first played this at a house-con a couple of years ago and was impressed enough to buy the ashcan.  I've been wondering what happened to it.  I'm looking forward to getting it in hand.


4. On 2011-02-14, Vincent said:

Yeah, it's a fun game! I'm really happy to have a hand in getting it out.


5. On 2011-03-11, Chris Moore said:

I'm very glad you all are in on this.


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