2011-03-15 : PAX East 2011

So PAX East 2011 was pretty excellent.

At our booth we had 7 publishers: Black & Green Games (Emily), Dig 1000 Holes (Eppy), the Glyphpress (Joshua AC Newman), Inevitable (Jeremy, Lex & Crystal), lumpley games (yrs trly), Robert Bohl Games (Rob), and Two Scooters Press (Elizabeth & Shreyas). Our total con receipts were a few dollars over $5000. $5000! That's serious GenCon money for a tiny fraction of the grief.

I'm trying to figure out if I can go to PAX Prime this year. I can't, but I'm trying to figure out if I can anyway.

A handful of us did a panel on publishing your own RPG without going broke. Want to know how many people attended? 300 or so. No lie. Holy crap yo.

If I met you at the con, hello!

1. On 2011-03-15, Vincent said:

According to someone who was paying closer attention than I was (John S.), our seminar's attendance was more like 450. Holy one-and-a-half-times crap yo.


2. On 2011-03-15, jenskot said:


I was told by staff the Merman conference room supported 470. You had very few empty seats (mostly to the far right of where you were sitting, from your point of view).

My understanding is PAX Prime feels different than PAX EAST. I would confirm that those differences don't impact your goals if you ever attend Prime.



3. On 2011-03-15, Gregor Hutton said:


Design Matters got the same income at GenCon (just over $5k) this year for I guess about $2k booth costs. Eppy and Elizabeth are the common factors there.

Great success! Well done all round.


4. On 2011-03-16, Ryan Macklin said:

I haven't been to East (stupid being an adult getting in the way this year), but my understanding is this:

* The last Prime felt different that this past East did. (And my first and currently only PAX was this past Prime.)

* PAX is growing, so that would change.

I wouldn't be surprised if the two con energies fed into each other, making Prime a strong place for us because of East. It's good to feel out.

Congrats! That's a hell of a take, and sounds like a damned good experience overall.

- Ryan


5. On 2011-03-16, dicefoodlodging said:

We missed meeting because I was running demos for Darren all day Saturday, but I wanted to offer my congratulations regardless.


6. On 2011-03-16, Ryan Macklin said:

Oh, and because I totally didn't know until last week, anyone else thinking about Prime should know it's not on Labor Day Weekend this year.

"In case you were wondering, PAX Prime 2011 will be August 26th, 27th, and 28th."

- Ryan


7. On 2011-03-16, Lukas said:

It was cool to meet you! The three hours or so that Lesley and I spent conversing with Meg, you, and a rotating crew of others was the highlight of the entire convention for me.

One of the major differences between East and Prime is the space. While the Washington Convention Center is large, the space is spread out over multiple (connected) buildings and floors to a much greater degree than the BCEC. This means that tabletop (and other areas, but tabletop is what counts here) is often spread out among multiple, non-contiguous areas, unlike the one large hall that we had in Boston.

As to whether or not it would still be worthwhile to you to come, I'd say that Luke and Jared are probably best equipped to answer that question of anyone. I'd certainly be delighted to see you out here, though!


8. On 2011-03-16, Matt Wilson said:

Great to hear how well it went for everyone!


9. On 2011-03-22, Luke said:

You and me in Seattle, monkey! Barf forth Vincentica!


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