2011-04-02 : Owl and Raven

There's a very cool new thing in Northampton Mass, Owl and Raven: a place for friends. Emily, Eppy, Joshua, Carrie and I went to their open house yesterday.

They're running an after-school program featuring roleplaying games. It's designed to be inviting and useful for kids with a variety of special needs, ages 8-14. They're designing their own game for it, and what they've got so far looks rock-solid for their audience. I expect them to publish it one day.

During the day, they want to be an open workspace, like a café, they say, only you know how if someone is working on something interesting in a café, you don't really dare to go up and ask them about it? At Owl and Raven, they want people to go up and ask people about their projects.

And in the evenings they're also going to host local skillshares - come and learn useful things from the people around who know them. I'm pretty sure that we'll go and talk about publishing, for instance. I'm thinking about a quick program in game design, too. "Guaranteed to push conventional wisdom down and take its lunch money."

It's an ambitious project! They're trying to accomplish something here that could be really great, if they can reach a critical mass. I'm in. If you're in Western Mass, come check it out.

1. On 2011-04-02, Ben Lehman said:

Sounds really cool.


2. On 2011-04-03, Joshua A.C. Newman said:

It is! Really nice people, too. I'm expecting to frequent their skillshare (read: hang out with other creators while you work).


3. On 2011-04-04, Josh W said:

What an excellent idea. I had to check I wasn't misunderstanding something, but it looks like an attempt towards a real community space. Not a big events hall but like my local pub can be, but with imagination instead of beer. I might keep an eye on this in case it goes well.


4. On 2011-04-04, Hannah said:

What an awesome post.  Thanks for spreading the word.  It was so nice meeting you guys...hope to see you here soon.  :)


5. On 2011-04-04, Vincent said:

Hey Hannah! It was nice to meet you too.


6. On 2011-04-04, John Harper said:

That sounds great! Yet another reason to move to Western Mass.

(Aside: Is there a thing in your neck of the woods called Critical Mass? There really should be.)


7. On 2011-04-04, Alex D. said:

Ah, that sounds pretty sweet! A bit too far from me, alas, but if there were something like that out here in Lil' Rhody, I'd jump on it. Then again, AS220 is kind of positioning itself as something similar, so there's a thing.


8. On 2011-04-05, Joshua A.C. Newman said:

What about AS22oh.

Where are you in RI? I grew up in Newport and AS220.


9. On 2011-04-06, Alex D. said:

Warren. I've been around there a few times, but it's never clicked for me there... maybe that's just me, though!


10. On 2011-04-06, Lukas Myhan said:

That sounds really rad.


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