2011-03-30 : The Walking Eye reviews Apocalypse World

It's here.

A great review! It's especially great because some of them looooved the game (you're very welcome, Jen) and some of them, it wasn't their thing. If you're wondering whether you'll love it or it won't be your thing, this review might help you.

They interviewed me a couple of weeks ago, and as I understand it they'll be airing that interview next.

Thank you, the Walking Eye!

As always I'm delighted to answer any questions anybody has.

1. On 2011-04-04, Josh W said:

I notice you tell people to go with their prep. I find that interesting; why do you need to tell people that? Is it that sometimes when they'd be tempted to move away from prep they risk damaging the plausability of the game? Is it something to limit the GMs options so they don't get carried away with countering and messing with players?


2. On 2011-04-04, Vincent said:

In the press of the moment, with all the players staring at you waiting for you to say something they can react to, especially if you're a newish GM, especially at the beginning of the session, it's easy to go blank. The MC move list won't help you then, because you're just starting, nothing's happening yet. So I'm like, "remember your prep? Say that." And you're like, "oh YEAH! I do remember. So it's morning, before anybody has any legitimate business being awake, and Dustwich is pounding on your door..."


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