2011-05-12 : My favorite restaurant: Hattapon's Thai Kitchen

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265 Main St, Greenfield, MA
Vegan-friendly. Mild-spicy.
Lunch around $6, dinner from $8 to $14.

Hattapon's is a longstanding favorite here in G'field. They opened several years ago in a tiny space, takeout only, then managed somehow to wedge a table and 2 chairs into their waiting area. A couple of years ago I guess they moved to a bigger space with actual tables, so now you can eat in in comfort.

Compared to other local Thai places, Hattapon's food is, I dunno, more rustic? More homestyle? The curries aren't as silky or as sweet as they are at other places, and you can really taste how fresh and handmade they are.

Be sure to try:

The kee mao (spicy fried rice noodles) with tofu. J prefers the pad thai with fresh noodles and shrimp, but you know me, I love those little shreds of thai chili.

The massaman curry tofu. All the curries are good, but the massaman curry, holy cow. Mild, warm, complex. In general the curries are better with tofu than with chicken (your other option), and I believe that you can get all the curries vegan, too.

The lap kai (warm chicken salad with herbs and roasted rice powder) with sticky rice. I have an altogether unhealthy relationship with this dish. It's the spiciest thing I regularly eat, punishingly spicy if you know what I mean, but through the summer I have to have it like once a week or my life stops making sense.

1. On 2011-05-12, Ben Lehman said:

Oh, man, Hattapon's is good. Like, my third (?) favorite Thai restaurant. The red curry duck is also just extraordinary.

Man, I want thai food now.


P.S. #1 Thai Curry Simple in Seattle: Get the green curry or whatever's on special if it's Saturday. #2 Pure Thai Shophouse in NYC: get the cumin beef.


2. On 2011-05-12, Vincent said:

You know, I still haven't tried the duck there. How dumb is that.

I wish they made roast duck soup. When I cross the street to the other Thai place, it's for that.


3. On 2011-05-13, Simon C said:

Aww, y'all are making me jealous. In provincial ol' Wellington, the choices are pretty limited.


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