2011-05-20 : Also...

Who made game design so stupid difficult? I could punch that guy.

1. On 2011-05-20, Kit said:

Oh, sorry about that.

Seriously, though? Yes. But really, isn't that so much of the fun? I'm still young and starry-eyed at this.


2. On 2011-05-20, Lula said:

Dave Berg. Definitely Dave Berg.


3. On 2011-05-20, Adam said:

But... But you're so good at it!


4. On 2011-05-20, Simon C said:


I'm still basking in the afterglow of publishing something, but I'm gonna need another fix, and all my projects are stalled and sucking.

I have these ideas that I LOVE, but right now they're just mediocre games. I hope, hope, hope, I can one day make Dungeonfuckers a real thing, because it's going to rock.


5. On 2011-05-20, Marhault said:

A-frikkin-men, Vincent.


6. On 2011-05-20, juliusz said:

Could it be The Wizard (for the Wizard's Tower)?


7. On 2011-05-20, juliusz said:

*from, stupid me.


8. On 2011-05-20, Erik Amundsen said:

Seriously, if you find the guy, I'm no more than an hour drive from you and will gladly roll up on him too.


9. On 2011-05-20, Matt Wilson said:

Meh, doesn't matter as long as you have a good GM.


10. On 2011-05-20, misuba said:

But Vincent, IT WAS YOU.



11. On 2011-05-20, Ben Lehman said:

It was God.


12. On 2011-05-20, mjbauer said:

...and you can't punch him.


13. On 2011-05-20, Jaywalt said:

That's why you love it. Don't lie.


14. On 2011-05-21, Todd said:



15. On 2011-05-23, Vincent said:

Jesse Schell says in The Art of Game Design that what makes game design so stupid difficult is the fact that the experiences we game designers are trying to give our audiences are very, very far removed from the medium and material we work with. We're trying to create an experience of moral danger, for instance, and what we're trying to create it with is 3x5 cards and 6-sided dice. Of course it's stupid difficult!

That seems pretty true.


16. On 2011-05-24, Todd said:

It's settled then: let's kick Jesse's ass!~!~~!!


17. On 2011-05-24, Ben Lehman said:


I think that's kinda crap. I mean, the same could be said of books (squiggles on paper are pretty far removed from human emotion) and yet we don't question that books move us.

Of course, writing books is hard, too...

Then again, plays are very similar to what we're portraying (pretty much a 1-1 mapping in some cases) and they're also really hard.

I think it may just be that art is hard. Because God doesn't want us biting His style.


18. On 2011-05-24, Daniel said:

Can we track down the person who made deep, meaningful social interaction hard too? I have the feeling they're related.


19. On 2011-05-24, Seth said:

Game design is not hard?

Making it not suck is what is hard.....


20. On 2011-05-25, Roger said:

It's hard because getting humans to do what you want them to do is hard.

Writing games for robots or Vulcans would be soooo easy.


21. On 2011-05-29, Neil W said:

If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

[Looks around at people in thread]  Hmm.


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